With our technology-driven world, learning the basics of coding and programming can be extremely useful for your everyday technical needs

What in the world is coding all about?

The terms coding and programming are often thrown about in the computer world, but most people don’t really understand what the words mean. In fact, most are coding and programming illiterates and even the ones that can offer up a believable definition, don’t know much more than that. Our Coding for Beginners course is an excellent introduction to the world of programming and its significance to the modern-day computer user.

Still wondering why you need this course?

It’s simple really, the world is becoming more automated. Businesses are relying heavily on their website’s traffic margin. Online searches and sales are skyrocketing daily. It is garishly obvious that computer technology is not only here to stay but is on the upsweep of the career market. Individuals who have at least a basic grasp of coding and programming will be highly sought-after in that marketplace, as it will be apparent that they are people on the cutting edge of modern technology. Our Coding for Beginners online course will give you a significant advantage over your peers.

Coding for Beginners is your first step toward success

Consider the money-making potential in a computer programming career! Three digit figures an hour are almost the norm in the computer industry. The growing need for skilled code technicians is a surefire reason to learn how to code for beginners. This course is your first step toward career success. Learn to code by enrolling today.

What you’ll learn

Those who enrol in the learn to code course will find so much useful information including:

  • Answers to common coding questions, what it is and how it’s used
  • Javascript and CSS styling basics
  • Instruction on proper usage of objects, arrays, strings, forms, and events
  • Techniques to become a better programmer

Through this course you will learn:

  • An intensive amount of information about operators and the arithmetic and bitwise that goes along with them
  • How to convert strings to numbers and the reverse
  • The properties of, and defining methods for, objects
  • How to assign text values and use pseudo-code

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for:

  • Those who are curious about coding and working in the tech industry
  • Those who would like to use coding to improve their own website, be it a personal blog, online store, or marketing site
  • People ready to start a career in coding, and want to take that first step
  • Anyone who is curious about how our online world is built!

Career path

The tech industry has a multitude of jobs, almost all of which require experience in coding! After completing this Coding for Beginners course, you could:

  • Be one step closer to a career in coding
  • Work at a start-up
  • Improve your existing websites
  • Use your newfound knowledge to impress your boss and gain a promotion


International Open Academy courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required to study with us. Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you’re already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.


To receive certification, you must:

  • Complete every page of the course
  • Pass the exams with a minimum score of 55% for each (each module includes a test based on key learning objectives in that study topic)

If you meet these criteria, your certificate of successful completion will be emailed to you immediately after you finish the course

You will also have the option to order a hard copy certificate directly from ICOES. (www.icoes.org)

This course is CPD/CE accredited. Our CPD accredited courses count towards the total of CPD hours to submit for your job role. CPD points are accepted and recognized by employers from both the public and private sectors, and academic institutions across the UK and internationally.

Receive your certificate in 4 simple steps

Step 1 - Register: Follow the easy peasy enrollment process

Step 2 - Study: Absorb and remember course content with our easy-to-follow, structured information and helpful illustrations. And yes - you can study anywhere, anytime, from any device

Step 3 - Evaluations: Reinforce your learning with quizzes at the end of each module

Step 4 - Certification: Once you’ve successfully completed your course and passed the exams, you’ll receive your certification. Congratulations on your amazing achievement!

Course Breakdown

Module 1: Meet Javascript

  • What is Coding?
  • What are the Coding Languages?
  • Meet Javascript
  • Why Use Javascript?
  • What you can’t do with Javascript

Module 2: The Basics to Javascript

  • Your First Script!
  • Whitespace and Line Breaks
  • Upper and Lower Cases
  • Comments
  • Keywords
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Functions
  • Variable Scope

Module 3: Operators

  • What is an Operator?
  • Different Types of Operators
  • Arithmetic
  • Comparison
  • Logical
  • Bitwise
  • Assignment
  • If Else Statements
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Do-While Loop

Module 4: Arrays

  • What is An Array?
  • Properties of Arrays
  • Methods for Arrays
  • Create an Array
  • Size an Array
  • Show Array Element Values
  • Elements

Module 5: Strings

  • What is a String?
  • String Length
  • Join Strings
  • Change String to Array
  • Extract Substring
  • Convert Number to a String and vice versa

Module 6: Objects

  • What are Objects?
  • Properties of Objects
  • Methods
  • User Defined Objects
  • Defining Methods for an Object

Module 7: Events

  • What is an Event?
  • Event Types
  • HTML 4 Standard Events

Module 8: Forms

  • Basics of Forms
  • Access Attributes of Forms
  • Assign Text Value
  • Methods
  • Selections

Module 9: CSS

  • What is CSS?
  • Basics of Styling
  • Box Model
  • Classes ID’s and Selectors
  • Positioning
  • Forms

Module 10: Techniques to Become a Better Programmer

  • Use Comments to Clarify
  • Tips on Readable Code
  • Pseudo- Code
  • What’s Next?

100% authentic student testimonials

I can’t begin to explain how great your courses are, but here goes. They are comprehensive, offer up-to-date skills and were very enjoyable. What a fantastic academic institution, the prices are fair and with many approaches to pricing, they really do offer excellent opportunities which are affordable.

Brian MacGregor - United Kingdom

Taught me a lot of things I thought I may have known but apparently only knew half. Excellent choice of courses, so simple to start and read at your own pace. Fantastic, highly recommend and will be doing more courses with IOA.

Michelle Gordon - Australia

Thoroughly enjoyed the course because I took it with me everywhere I went. Very accessible, easy to understand.

Margaret Weti, Australia

IOA has an easy-to-use platform that makes learning and obtaining general knowledge easy to do.

Jeanette Powell - United States

IOA offered easy-to-follow learning modules that I was able to complete at my leisure. It saved my progress and I was able to go back and reread lessons that I needed clarification on.

Lindsey Whitaker - United States

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