Course Regulation Investor Protection and Market Infrastructures (Neurodidactics) Online


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Program Description

  • Dates: From 09/21/2020 to 10/30/2020
  • Place: Online
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Price: € 400



This program has been designed to offer the participant a global vision of the new norms and rules of the financial markets, where new obligations are developed that impact on the current business models of financial entities , and create a new regulatory framework that affects all participants.

There are two points where the European regulator places the greatest emphasis:

  1. Investor protection, creating new standards such as PRIIPs and modifying existing ones such as MiFID II.
  2. Market Infrastructure, creating a new market environment that impacts business models through EMIR, MiFIR, Benchmark Regulation.

Financial Institutions must face this Regulation taking into account a double perspective. On the one hand, ensuring compliance with it from the areas of Regulatory Compliance, Internal Control or Audit, which have grown so much in recent years. On the other hand from an operating standpoint to allow the Entities take the most appropriate within the regulatory framework to compete efficiently in the market business decisions.

For all this, the knowledge and understanding of the Regulation is essential to allow compliance and compete in the most optimal way possible.


As a novelty, this course is proposed from a different, new and innovative methodological framework, based on Neurodidactics , which places the student at the center of learning. NeuroK is a platform focused on the motivation of students and their active participation in the development of the different topics that are addressed during the course.

Here are a couple of videos where you can learn more about the Investor Protection Regulation and Market Infrastructures course taught on the NeuroK platform.


We want to make this course based on this new collaborative platform available to everyone, which represents a step forward in terms of innovation and evolution of learning models.

That is why if you formalize your registration for the course, and complete the payment of the full amount, before August 31 you will be able to benefit from a promotional discount of 50% on the price of the course. Take advantage of this opportunity. Use the code EARLY at the time of your registration.

Addressed to

The course is aimed at all those professionals from:


  • Banks
  • Financial entities
  • Fund Managers
  • Insurance Entities
  • Brokers and Financial Intermediaries
  • Clearing and Settlement Chambers (CCP)
  • Financial Service Providers
  • Exchanges and other Trading Markets (trading Venues)


  • Business Strategists of financial entities
  • Compliance officers
  • Responsible for implementation and internal control.
  • Auditors
  • Traders
  • Brokers
  • Sales forces
  • Wealth managers
  • Financial and Treasury Management of non-financial entities

And ultimately to anyone interested in knowing and understanding what the new rules are that regulate activity in the markets and how they must be considered when making decisions that affect business development.


Know the causes of the financial crisis of 2007 and the solutions that the regulator has set in terms of Investor Protection and Market Infrastructure.

The new rules of the game, in addition to modifying the current regulatory framework, have a significant impact on current business models, eliminating or prohibiting some practices and forcing entities to modify their processes, but at the same time generating new opportunities to promote businesses that arise after a practical knowledge of the standard.

It will be dealt with in an eminently practical way and from the experience of professionals in the sector what is the regulation in force today in terms of investor protection and how it can be applied in the most efficient way in the decision-making of entities from a business point of view.


The duration of the course will be 6 weeks, beginning on September 21 and ending the last week of October. During all this time you will have free access to the platform where you can carry out all the activity.

The teachers have estimated a weekly dedication of the student of 6 hours for the proper development of the course.

During this period each of the Learning Units will be addressed weekly.

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