Course JAVA Fundamentals


Program Description

This course is instructor-led-online. It is not like video lecture and automatic tasks results checks. You will communicate with the trainer and he will answer your questions and will correct your mistakes.

Please be sure that you have at least B2 level of English to participate this course

Course outline

Introduction to Java

  • Application areas. The Java platform. Features of Java. Java Virtual Machine. Java Development Kit. Java Runtime Environment. Compiling and running programs from the command line.
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Overview of popular development environments.
  • Perspectives of using and development of the Java programming language

Working with Eclipse IDE

  • Download and installation Eclipse. Setting up a workspace. Configuring Java in Eclipse. Overview of Eclipse working environment. The concept of the project.
  • Creation and running a simple Java application in Eclipse.
  • Overview of program debugging. Diagnosing problems. The concept of unreachable code. Debugging programs in Eclipse.

The basic syntax of Java

  • Data types. Primitive data types. Reference data types. Converting numeric types. Typecasting.
  • Variables. Initializing variables. Constants. The modifier final.
  • Operations. Arithmetic operations. Increment and decrement operations. Relational operations. Logic operations. Bitwise operations. Mathematical Functions (Class Math). Priority of operations.
  • Control operators. If statement and its forms. Nested ifs. Switch operator. Blocks and local variables. Break operator. Ternary operator.
  • Loops operators. The concept of loop condition and exit. While loop. Do-while loop. For loop. Nested loops. Continue operator. Return operator.
  • Arrays. The concept of the array. The declaration, creating and initializing arrays. Changing the size of an array. Multidimensional arrays.
  • Methods. The concept of the method. Method signature and method body. Method calling. Passing parameters to a method. Return value. Overloading methods. Recursive methods. Methods with a variable number of parameters.
  • Working with strings. Class String and its methods. StringBuffer and StringBuilder classes. Converting numbers to Strings and back.

Basics of object-oriented programming

  • The notion of abstraction. The principles of object-oriented programming: inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism.
  • The notion of class. The concept of the object. Relationships between classes. Creating objects. New operator. Class methods. Access modifiers. Keyword static.
  • Wrapper classes of primitive types (package java.lang). Autoboxing and unboxing values.
  • Constructors. Fields initialization rules. Overloaded constructors. Keyword this. Keyword super.
  • Creating custom classes. Class inheritance. Abstract classes.


  • The concept of enum. Creation of enumerated types. Writing custom enums with constructors and methods.

Graphics user interface components

  • General information about AWT and Swing libraries. Package javax.swing. • Frame creation. Location and size of the frame. Properties of frame.
  • The concept of layout and user interface controls. Adding visual components to frame. Visual components events handling.
  • WindowBuilder plugin.

Packages and archives in Java

  • Packages. Import classes. Placing classes into packages. Creating a JAR-file.

Practical tasks of course: Practical exercises consists of solving a number of educational tasks aimed at mastering basic Java programming skills, as well as the final project - the creation of a featured GUI application.

To be able successfully to attend our training sessions you have to have B2 level of English at least.

Last updated Nov 2017

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Infopulse University is an education community that provides various trainings in Information Technologies. We will help you to join the IT-world of cutting-edge technologies, fascinating ideas and innovative society. Read less