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What is the University of Fashion?

The University of Fashion works very differently than most fashion design schools. We don’t charge a separate tuition fee for each individual class you take. Instead, we give you 24/7, on-demand access to all of our many hundreds of full-length video lessons for a low yearly subscription fee. UoF’s lessons are taught exclusively by fashion school professors and industry professionals, never by amateurs. You’ll see the exact same lectures and "how-to" demonstrations taught by the best fashion schools, but without rigid class times at inconvenient locations. Instead, you decide what, when and where you want to learn. The University of Fashion offers lessons in all the major fashion disciplines: draping, pattern making, CAD pattern making, accessories, sewing, fashion art, knits, business, product development, lectures, CAD fashion art, childrenswear and more. Most schools charge a big tuition fee to teach a single fashion subject in a particular fashion discipline, like sewing or pattern making. At the University of Fashion, you will pay a lot less to access every fashion subject in every discipline!

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Fashion Lectures

Let our experts teach you about the fashion industry. Learn how famous designers started their fashion dynasties. Learn about retailing, branding, licensing and marketing, textiles, trend forecasting, costume history, color theory and leather tanning. Take tours of interesting fashion museums and visit onsite fashion industry events. We even provide tips on putting together a fashion portfolio for applying to a top fashion school.

Preview of a Typical UoF Fashion Lecture

Carmen Marc Valvo Interview

Just a Few of the Many Lessons Offered in this Discipline

Laws of Trademark Protection In this lesson you will learn all about U.S. trademark law as it pertains to fashion, beginning with what is a trademark. Our fashion lawyer expert will discuss: what is protected under trademark law, how to register your trademark and the benefits of doing so. You will also learn what to do if someone infringes on your trademark and the damages that you can seek under the law. This lesson is a must for all designers. Pressing Tools & Techniques This lesson will introduce you to the tools and techniques used to professionally press your garments. We will teach you how to press light to medium weight fabrics, how to press velvet and leather and what tools to use and when. The results will be the difference between a ‘homemade looking garment’ vs. one that looks professionally produced. Eco-Textiles This lesson will provide an overview of Eco textiles and the developments made to date in the world of sustainable textiles and best practices. It will cover the progress being made in reducing the environmental impact in the production, use, and disposal of textiles as well as the future of the global fashion industry as it continues to evolve and become more Eco-Conscious and Aware. The University of Fashion offers many, many more fascinating fashion lectures. Check them out by clicking the Lessons tab on our homepage at

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The University of Fashion is the first and largest online fashion design video library in the world.

The University of Fashion is the first and largest online fashion design video library in the world. Read less