Course Cubase and MIDI composition

Digital audio is increasingly demanding in terms of quality and knowledge formats and post, especially now that we increasingly intuitive and advanced tools. At CPA we offer our Online Cubase course, you will learn to manage the most used in the industry to create computer music software and MIDI compositions. You will know how to make musical arrangements create different musical styles using different recording techniques always giving them a professional finish beginning with the original source to the final composition.

This course trains you to work MIDI for producing, cinemas, radios and create all kinds of musical projects, soundtracks and sound spots, animations, ads, speeches ... etc. In course of Cubase MIDI composition and be ready to enter the market work like a pro. CPA Online guarantees you how!

Included Material: The course includes license Cubase Cubase 6 Elements (only compatible with Windows7 and MAC) and a Korg Nano controller.


  1. CUBASE: introduction and elements
  2. CUBASE: the MIDI protocol
  3. MIDI Editors and MIDI plugins
  4. MIDI Recording


Voluntary practice sessions will be conducted in audiovisual facilities Salduie CPA (Zaragoza) Foundation, aimed at the experiments with audiovisual equipment to supplement the program contents.

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Sep 2019
300 hours
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Start Date
Sep 2019
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Sep 2019

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