The Science IGCSE Course combines the most interesting aspects of IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This is an ideal introduction for students who require a grounding in elementary science which has become a requirement for many important occupations, such as Teaching, Nursing & midwifery.

IGCSE Science (Double Award) is worth TWO IGCSEs. Written by experienced science teachers and subject specialists, Marion Green, Michael Jones and Philip West, the course provides excellent preparation for the IGCSE Science examinations. Each lesson of the Combined GCSE course begins with a set of clearly stated objectives and an explanation of its place in the overall programme of study.

Effective learning is encouraged through frequent activities and self-assessment questions. There are 25 tutor-marked assignments including a substantial mock exam. Students will need to have access to the internet to complete this course.

The home study course is divided into three modules:

  • Biology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics.


This section is split into 5 modules containing 23 lessons, with 10 Tutor Marked Assignments, including a mock exam assignment.

The five modules are:

  • Module 1: Cells and Organisms
  • Module 2: Plant and Animal Physiology A
  • Module 3: Plant and Animal Physiology B
  • Module 4: Inheritance
  • Module 5: Ecology and Food Production


This section is split into 6 modules containing 26 lessons, with 9 Tutor Marked Assignments including a mock exam assignment.

The six modules are:

  • Module 1: Principles of Chemistry
  • Module 2: Chemistry of the Elements
  • Module 3: Organic Chemistry
  • Module 4: Physical Chemistry
  • Module 5: Chemistry in Society
  • Module 6: Investigative Skills


This section is split into 7 modules containing 27 lessons, with 9 Tutor Marked Assignments including a mock exam assignment.

The seven modules are:

  • Module 1: Forces and Motion
  • Module 2: Electricity
  • Module 3: Waves
  • Module 4: Energy Resources and Energy Transfer
  • Module 5: Solids, Liquids and Gases
  • Module 6: Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  • Module 7: Radioactivity and Particles
Program taught in:
  • English
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