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Course audio post

Audiovisual media generate lots of content, both image and sound need to be processed by qualified technicians. If your career goal is to work in the recording studio doing all the editing, mixing and audio post, you need to have training in audio post.

CPA Online In this course we provide audio, with which you will learn to develop all the audio post process, knowing the necessary sources of initial capture and creation of sound. You'll learn to transmit the message of audiovisual production, combining image and sound and I will handle the Cubase AI6 application.

It is a reality-oriented labor market training. Learn to background music for TV commercials, music videos, radio spots, audio productions, short films ... If this is the job you'd like to have in CPA Online will provide you with the course audio post, training and tools to I get it. Find out now!

Material included: The course includes an audio post interface Yamaha and Cubase AI6 license.


  1. Definition and audio postproduction
  2. Digital Audio. Concepts
  3. Collection and transfer of audiovisual material
  4. Recording audio for post production
  5. Mixing Systems
  6. Postproduction techniques


Voluntary practice sessions will be conducted in audiovisual facilities Salduie CPA (Zaragoza) Foundation, aimed at the experiments with audiovisual equipment to supplement the program contents.

Last updated July 2014

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