Color Consultant - Accredited Certificate Course (Online)


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Color Consultant - Accredited Certificate Course (Online)

This Professional Certificate in Color Consultancy will give you the practical skills, knowledge and confidence to work as a Color Consultant. This specialist qualification will help you to stand out from the competition and you’ll also have an amazing design portfolio so you can show clients and employers what you can do for them. This will help you to get work and increase your earning potential.

Color is the strongest visual detail in every area of design and visual communication and that’s why more people choose to hire a professional Color Consultant. Whether you prefer to work with interior design projects, graphics, clothes and/or products – poor choice of color can create a visual effect that is cheap and garish. That’s why using a skilled Color Consultant who can find the right colour balance for any situation is often considered critical to achieving a successful design (visually at least!).

First launched in 2000, this was the first online color course of it’s kind to tackle the subject of colour in a complete way. This color consultant course will benefit anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of color and how to use it successfully. This university level course covers all aspects of working with color including the following:

  • make any color look good (to save client’s money and increase business sales!)
  • use colour to disguise, emphasise and create illusions
  • practically apply color (and colour psychology) within your field or industry to produce results that benefit your client
  • visually communicate with clients in a way that demonstrates your professionalism and sells your ideas
  • and more….


Watch our video for details of the course curriculum so you can actually SEE what you will learn on this course

Above all else a Color Consultant must be creative and this university level course presents the information in language that is easily understood, enjoyable and inspiring. You’ll complete a number of dynamic and practical assignments that will tap into your creativity and help you to achieve your best potential as a Colour Consultant. This is a must-do course if you would like to become a certified Color Consultant and its ideal for anyone who wants to develop skill and confidence working with color, including designers, branding/marketing consultants and home design enthusiasts. Color Consultancy is a fast-growing niche market and this course can give you an edge over the competition.


There are limitless applications, and skilled colour consultants have many avenues for their talents, such as:

  • All design disciplines including interior design, graphic design, fashion etc….
  • Visual Merchandising & Product placement
  • Retail buying & Product Line development
  • Branding and corporate consultancy

This course will also be of considerable benefit to anyone working in marketing, advertising and all areas of design and styling.

Last updated Jun 2020

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The Design Ecademy is the brainchild of Maria Flynn, an innovative interior architect/design consultant who specialises in colour & design psychology. Maria’s designs have been showcased in severa ... Read More

The Design Ecademy is the brainchild of Maria Flynn, an innovative interior architect/design consultant who specialises in colour & design psychology. Maria’s designs have been showcased in several of Europe’s leading magazines and newspapers, she is the author of “Colour Your World” [Rotovision 2001] and she has been featured on TV and radio in the UK and Ireland, where she was the resident “Design Expert” for 6 months (TV3). Maria has also been involved in training and education for over 20 years and she is particularly passionate about Adult Education and E-Learning. Read less