Best Online Certificate Programs in Professional Studies 2019

A certificate program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of a particular specialty within a larger professional or academic field. Whether as a complement to another professional degree or a first certification, these programs are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

What is a certificate in professional studies? These programs usually include a balance of theory and practical material designed to help students master a specific, clearly defined body of knowledge. A professional studies certificate program often focuses on best practices within a specific field to ensure that students meet high standards for their knowledge of the industry, understanding of issues, and ability to implement best practices in the workplace.

A certificate in professional studies helps learners develop expertise in their fields. Courses often focus on professional communication so that students can share the information they are acquiring. A balance of theory and practical content allows students to implement new or different ideas in the workplace. Many programs also include training in ethics to help students become better decision-makers.

Professional studies certificate programs are tailored to specific professions and industries, so the length, course content, and cost vary from one program to another. It’s best to identify programs you are interested in, and then contact them for a current cost breakdown.

The demand for professional studies programs at all levels has been growing steadily as the landscape of work changes and workers need to adapt to new demands and conditions. A certificate in professional studies can be the key to moving into management or moving further up. Certification may also qualify students to work as consultants, teachers or trainers in their respective fields. Some programs may also count toward professional licensure and recertification.

Professional studies certificate programs are available in many fields and are offered by institutions and organizations worldwide. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Course on caring for customers or relatives Society is comprised of everyone, including children and the elderly. These two groups of people require a lot of care and att ... [+]

Course Highlights

Health and Social Care Skills Training is an award-winning and the best selling course that has been given the CPD Certification & CiQ GOLD accreditation. It is the most suitable course anyone looking to work in this or relevant sector.

It is considered one of the perfect courses in the UK that can help students/learners to get familiar with the topic and gain necessary skills to perform well in this field. We have packed Health and Social Care Skills Training into 40 modules for teaching you everything you need to become successful in this profession.

To provide you ease of access, this course is designed for both part-time and full-time students. You can become accredited in just 1 day, 2 hours and it is also possible to study at your own pace.... [-]

United Kingdom London
Open Enrollment

Learn lifestyle medicine treatment protocols to treat and prevent lifestyle-based chronic diseases and the techniques to assist patients with behavior and lifestyle chang ... [+]

Learn lifestyle medicine treatment protocols to treat and prevent lifestyle-based chronic diseases and the techniques to assist patients with behavior and lifestyle changes.

Current medical services aren’t designed to maintain good health and the services intended to improve health often fail miserably. The rise in chronic disease and healthcare spending is a looming global crisis.

Lifestyle Medicine involves the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches, to prevent, treat, and, oftentimes, reverse the lifestyle-related, chronic disease that's all too prevalent.

In this professional series, Dr. Amanda McKinney, an American College of Lifestyle Medicine fellow, explores Lifestyle Medicine’s principles and how to use them in treating many common chronic diseases. Licensed medical practitioners, can refresh or add to their existing knowledge of Lifestyle Medicine. The DoaneX Lifestyle Medicine Professional Certificate program allows licensed medical practitioners to earn up to 30 AMA PRA Category 1 (Continuing Medical Education) credits.... [-]

USA Cambridge
April 2019
3 - 9 weeks

Learn the truth about food and nutrition to better assess, analyze and implement strategies to improve overall health. ... [+]

Learn the truth about food and nutrition to better assess, analyze and implement strategies to improve overall health.

In this Professional Certificate program, taught by prof. Sander Kersten, a leading global expert in the field of nutrition, you will learn how to analyze and interpret the information overload about nutrition and health to help build a healthier lifestyle for you and/or your patients.

You will learn about the composition of macro- and micronutrients, their role in the body, and their impact on our health. You will get a sound understanding of energy homeostasis and the regulation of body weight. Also, you will learn about health problems related to overnutrition and undernutrition. You will learn strategies to improve nutritional status and combat overnutrition and undernutrition based on scientific knowledge. The program covers everything from fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. You will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to become more critical towards the food and health-related messages we’re constantly bombarded with.... [-]

USA Cambridge
March 2019
14 - 16 weeks