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Industrial Design

Online certificates provide students with the opportunity to advance their careers by gaining skills and training in their field. Programs can typically be completed within one to two years, and are conducted in a virtual classroom.

What is an online certificate in industrial design? These programs are intended to introduce and refine building and design concepts, and to improve performance with the application of evolving technologies. Students are often able to practice hands-on architectural design with Revit software, gain experience creating production drawings with AutoCAD program training, enhance integrated construction skills using Autodesk software and build on design techniques and analysis for 3-D plans. Programs may assume previous software experience and knowledge of basic concepts, and are typically formatted in various levels of complexity.

Earning a certificate can give students the chance to contribute their knowledge and experience to many types of professional environments. Building on conceptual design skills, developing projects using essential software programs and understanding how to apply training to real-world scenarios can help students excel in reaching their career goals and explore opportunities in new industries.

The cost of online certificates may vary depending on location, required materials and program duration. Many colleges and universities offer certification courses with different registration prices, so it is best to contact specific schools with inquiries about financing and any available aid.

Students with industrial design certificates can expect to find career opportunities in a variety of industries. Many companies rely on designers to develop new product concepts that are accessible to consumers. Common career areas utilizing industrial design skills include engineering, car manufacturing, furniture design, textile technology, product design, art production, advertising and graphic design.

Students interested in pursuing a program usually have the freedom to enjoy flexible part-time options. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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