Certificate in Strategic Leadership


Program Description

You are not required to submit a TOEFL exam result in order to apply and be admitted into the University.


Delivering the Specific Knowledge and Practical Skills Required of Today’s Business Leaders

While it takes acumen to make fundamentally sound business decisions, effectively implementing those decisions requires a separate set of leadership skills. You must be able to articulate your vision, achieve buy-in from your team and then motivate and guide the organization to action.

CalSouthern’s certificate in strategic leadership is designed to give you the knowledge and practical skills to effectively lead 21st-century business organizations. The innovative curriculum spans multiple topic areas, including leadership strategies, management communications, human resources, and conflict management, among others.

All six courses (you’ll take four core leadership courses and pick two of four available electives) are at the master’s level, so a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite.

The certificate is a fantastic choice for current and aspiring business leaders, even those who already have an MBA, but who haven’t been exposed to a concentrated curriculum in advanced leadership. It’s also a great option for those considering graduate school, but who aren’t ready to commit to a degree program—should you so choose, you can apply the credits you earn toward your MBA.


Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Strategic Leadership, students will receive:

  • The official certificate of completion, issued by the CalSouthern Registrar’s Office and signed by the dean of the School of Business.
  • 21 graduate-level course credits—as documented on your official transcript—which can be applied toward your CalSouthern master’s degree or transferred to another institution*.
  • All the benefits, services and resources, available to CalSouthern alumni.
  • A comprehensive, master’s-level understanding of strategic leadership theory and its practical application.

*Although credits from regionally accredited institutions like CalSouthern are readily accepted by other universities, acceptance is at the discretion of the receiving institution.


CalSouthern’s Certificate in Strategic Leadership is a 21-credits program, comprised of the following six required courses:

  • SLDR 86000 Essential Concepts for Strategic Management and Leadership - 3 Credits
  • SLDR 86001 Role of Leadership in Strategic Management Communications - 3 Credits
  • SLDR 86002 Effective Human Relations Skills for Leaders - 3 Credits
  • SLDR 86003 Leadership for Promoting Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility - 3 Credits
  • SLDR 86004 Conflict Management Strategies and Resolution - 3 Credits
  • SLDR 86005 Leadership Strategies for Developing High-Performance Teams - 3 Credits
  • SLDR 86006 Customer Service Leadership - 3 Credits

Getting Started

Getting started on your CalSouthern Certificate in Strategic Leadership is a quick and simple process. There are no entrance examinations and courses start monthly throughout the year; you can begin your program as soon as your schedule permits. Just complete these four steps:

  • Complete your enrollment application.
  • Submit your official academic transcripts of your undergraduate degree program.
  • Pay your $75 application fee.
  • Upon acceptance, sign your enrollment agreement.

Once the signed enrollment agreement is received, you’ll be contacted by your academic support team including your academic advisor and student success advisor. They will confirm the start date for your first course and walk you through a quick, but thorough orientation process that will give you all the information you need to get started. And they will be there for you every step of the way to ensure that you successfully complete your certificate program.

Last updated Jun 2020

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