This course will cover the basics of global maritime shipping with a particular focus on containerization and liner shipping. All our courses are online course This course is aimed at a person wishing to enter the Maritime Shipping Industry in an administration role, a new recruit starting in the industry, a receptionist or assistant in the shipping industry or someone who wishes to complement their existing knowledge base.

This is a stand-alone certificate course.

Course Outline Maritime Shipping Foundation Certificate

  • International Maritime Trade
  • Vessel and Cargo Types
  • The Container Export and Import Transactions
  • Types of Shipping Services
  • The Key Role Players in Maritime Shipping
  • Overview of Maritime Shipping Documents
  • Shipping Terminology - Glossary of Industry Terms

Course Requirements

  • English language, all courses are written in English as this is the primary language of global business.
  • Computer, internet connection, and printer (should you wish to print the course).
  • A valid e-mail address.
  • Time set aside to study as per the course requirements

Course structure

2 weeks part-time or 4 days full time.

Part-time studies - where you study part-time in the evenings and on weekends using our online training program.

Full-time studies - when you take time off work to study full time using our online training program

Recommended study time set aside – we recommend 5 to 7 hours per week for each module/pilot certificate ie the part-time 2-week pilot certificate course will need 10 to 15 hours. The time will vary depending on the students' original knowledge of the course material. A soft copy of your full course module in a PDF format will be available on the e-campus for you to download. You will then be able to print a hard copy for study purposes if you choose. Pass mark = 65%

Learner support

  • Personal e-Tutor - You will be nominated a personal e-Tutor, all communication with your e-Tutor will be done via email. You may contact your e-Tutor at any time regarding your course.

Passing your course

On passing your course you will receive an e-certificate via email.


Course Objective

With the successful completion of this course you will be able to :

  • Secure a position in the Shipping industry
  • Be eligible for advancement within your company
  • Be confident that you are professionally trained and equipped for the Shipping industry

Stand alone certificate course:

1. Shipping Terminology Certificate - USD70

Course Outline

  • Glossary of Industry Terms

2. International Trade and Maritime Shipping Certificate - USD70

Course Outline

  • The Early Days of Commercial Shipping
  • International Trade and Freight Shipping
  • Trade Routes and Shipping Routes
  • World Trade Policies
  • Industry Issues
  • Environment and shipping

3. Containerisation Certificate - USD70

Course Outline

  • Liner Trade
  • The Container
  • Container Types
  • Freight and Charges
  • Container Shipping Processes and Documents
  • Packing of a Container
  • Loading and Unloading Containers at the Port
  • Load Securing in Containers
  • Securing Containers on Board the Ship
  • Container Ship Categories
  • Export Transaction in 10 easy steps
  • Import Transaction in 10 easy steps

4. Vessels, Cargo Types and Transport Modes Certificate - USD70

Course Outline

  • Vessel Types
  • Cargo Types
  • Break Bulk Shipping
  • Bulk Shipping
  • Tramp Service
  • Rail Transport
  • Road Transport
  • Intermodal versus Multimodal

5. International Contracts and Payments Certificate - USD70

Course Outline

  • International Trade Law
  • Contract of Affreightment
  • Preparing an International Sales Contracts
  • Incoterms - Overview
  • Methods of Payment in International Trade
  • Introduction to UCP 600

6. International Customs and Shipping Documents Certificate - USD70

Course Outline

  • Enquiry Documents
  • Instruction Documents
  • Transport Documents
  • Insurance Documents
  • Customs Documents
  • Inspection Documents
  • Finance Documents
  • Standard Operating Procedures

7. Shipping Role Players Certificate - USD70

Course Outline

  • Exporter and Importer
  • Ocean Carriers and Ship Owners
  • Shipping Agents
  • International Ocean Freight Forwarder
  • Inland Carriers
  • Ship Brokers
  • Cargo Brokers
  • Customs and Excise
  • Ports, Harbours and Terminal Operators
  • Depots and Warehouses
  • Strategic co-operation between Carriers
  • Maritime Insurance and Insurers
  • Maritime Associations


The course content provided which I printed out was very easy to understand and really helpful. Maritime Shipping Foundation Certificate - Stella Ko - Singapore

I'm very pleased with what I gained from the Maritime Shipping Foundation course as it has made me know more about the shipping industry. I will be furthering my studies with ShippingCollege, the courses are more practically oriented. I found the shipping terminology more effective as I now know the terms used in the shipping industry. Maritime Shipping Foundation Certificate - Lucres Kaptue - Cameroon

Good materials to summarize the practices we do everyday very systemically and theoretically. Maritime Shipping Foundation Certificate - Ivy Yang - Singapore

I completed the Maritime Shipping Foundation course with ShippingCollege. I strongly recommend ShippingCollege as it's a good way to learn in a professional context. Maritime Shipping Foundation Certificate - Reda Et Hattab - France

The Maritime Shipping Foundation certificate course was very much explanatory, one can easily relate to the course material. Maritime Shipping Foundation Certificate - Amit Malhotra - Singapore

My e-tutor was very good at responding to emails in a timley manner and flexible regarding changing exam times etc. The course was well laid out and relative to what I needed to learn. Maritime Shipping Foundation Certificate - Sarah Green - Singapore


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