Certificate in Cyber Security Management


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Program Description

The digitalization of business and the growing phenomenon of big data has determined the need to carefully manage huge quantities of data and identify and process value information to be shared with the different company departments. The processing and sharing of such data determine a high level of control of the user, his habits, actions, physical and emotional states, which constitutes a patrimony for the company to be used and managed according to the new European GDPR and the international legislation. To this end, the Cyber Security Manager plays a crucial role to develop an IT security strategy that allows the company to make the best use of sensitive data avoiding possible threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. 

The Certificate in Cyber Security Management program offers the theoretical and practical knowledge of privacy and security and the technological and organizational skills needed to analyze the company’s business structure and manage human resources and complex work teams. In particular, students will acquire advanced managerial skills to cover strategic roles with specific responsibilities in the field of audit, risk management, and compliance, within the framework of the new security regulations and processes.


Course Description and Objectives

The program of the certificate focuses on fundamental topics for experts who intend to operate in the field of IT security, such as the legal aspects relating to the processing and storage of data, the problems relating to servers, networks and peripherals, the IT security regulations and the different types of intrusion. The course, therefore, has the objective of training managerial profiles with specialized skills in cybersecurity, capable of analyzing and evaluating corporate risks and planning intervention activities in response to cyber-attacks and cybercrime. In particular, at the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Know in-depth the new GDPR regulation and the international regulation and its areas of application in the public and private sectors.
  • Know and analyze the phenomena related to digital innovations such as mobility, social media, smart objects, business analytics, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.
  • Analyze and quantify the risks deriving from cyber threats and crimes.
  • Analyze complex corporate business systems.
  • Identify security requirements related to specific scenarios.
  • Know the main existing technologies in the field of security and crisis management.
  • Identify and design integrated security systems in line with regulations.

Professional Outcomes

With an understanding of the trends and practices in cybersecurity, graduates can find a multitude of positions such as:

  • ICT Security Specialist
  • Web Security Expert
  • Mobile Security Expert
  • Penetration tester
  • Security Incident Analyst and Responder
  • Cyber Security Manager

Admission Requirements

The course is addressed to a wide audience, from graduates to professionals who work independently or as employees and want to specialize in the field of IT security. To enroll in the Course, a High School Diploma is required.

In particular, the course is addressed to:

  • Young graduates or graduates with previous skills in the IT sector who want to improve their skills in the field.
  • University students, especially those enrolled in Bachelors and Masters of Business and Computer Engineering or computer science.

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Online Study Format

The certificate program lasts 6 months and can be attended completely online through the “MIA University Campus” where students can find the video-lessons recorded by the professors, the webinars in real-time to interact with peers and instructors, the case studies and the other study and assessment material. The online study material includes:

  • Video-lessons and teaching material available 24/7 from different devices (PC, smartphones, tablets).
  • Power-point presentations that summarize the main contents of the video-lessons.
  • In-depth contents about the main topics presented.
  • Articles and case studies on relevant topics related to the course.
  • Interactive assessment, tests, and case studies to be solved by the students.
  • Final project work developed with the coordination of the Academic Director.

Starting Dates:

  • Fall Semester: September 28, 2020 – October 19, 2020
  • Summer Semester: January 7, 2021 – February 26, 2021

Tuition: €1900

Scholarship Program 

The University scholarship program includes a scholarship of 50% dedicated to qualified students. In order to apply for the scholarship, students are required to send the following documents to the admissions office.

  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of High School Diploma 
  • Curriculum Vitae

The University offers the possibility to pay the tuition in 2 or 3 installments for 6 months.

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