Certificate: Trends Forecasting & Analytics


Program Description

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Course Overview

Emerging ideas and future trends are beneficial to companies seeking direction and confirmation of their product development and marketing strategies. These trends cannot be viewed in isolation from the current market environment, but rather as part of a bigger picture applicable to other areas of design and marketing. This course will explore new trends that will shape our world and their impact on today’s global market place.

You will be expected to critique and develop methods of prediction and research mechanisms to create your own projections and inform the strategic marketing insight. You will apply your theoretical and contextual knowledge to identify and define an appropriate concept and demonstrate how visionary marketing technology, can be used to communicate to target audiences.

Programme Details

  • Megatrends
  • Research tools for forecasting
  • Macro-environment analysis
  • Tectonic shifts
  • Marketing trends
  • Retailing trends
  • Game-changers
  • Black swans
  • Alternative scenarios

Course Leader

Manuel Gouveia, Course Leader: PhD, college professor, marketing researcher as and professional marketing consultant.


Course Aims

The aims of this Course are:

  1. To provide you with the knowledge and critical awareness of trend forecasting and the processes used in the identification and use of trends in today’s global market.
  2. To enable you to analyse and evaluate the difference between business megatrends, tectonic shifts and game-changers, and apply them in your marketing plan.
  3. To enable you to further explore, develop and articulate new ideas of alternative scenarios, and discuss their impacts.

Assessment Method

Trend Report and Video Presentation

Learning Outcomes

On satisfactory completion of the course you will be able to:

  1. Analyze and critically evaluate trend developments and develop informed insights through the application and evaluation of new alternative scenarios.
  2. Identify, analyse and summarise your awareness and knowledge of megatrends, tectonic shifts and game-changers.
  3. Demonstrate through trend and analytical research, how scenario analysis impacts on marketing strategies by creating an original marketing proposal with theory methods and research tools of forecasting and trend prediction.

The course is intended for students, professionals, entrepreneurs and managers with the ambition of having an established career in the marketing industry. The course prepares you for employment and enterprise through the development of projects with real applicability, reflection and analysis of real case studies from the marketing industry suggested throughout the course.



London School of Design and Marketing Certificate

Dates and Fees

  • July 2020 / October 2020
  • Fees are £1.250,00 (One Instalment)

Entry Requirements

BA level in a related design/business subject or Recognition of Prior Learning/Professional Experience.

Last updated May 2020

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