Program Description

Online courses, with expert mentors.

Our courses are totally online, but they are not like the online courses you have seen. You will not be watching boring videos and taking tests; You will learn by doing, with the help of expert mentors who are always available to provide meaningful advice and feedback on your work.

How do we teach?

"Human beings are not ideally configured to understand logic, they are ideal for understanding stories."

- Roger Schank

Our software development program is unique because we teach the skills necessary to perform the job from the first day. We call our courses with mentors in what we call "deep immersions" because, from day one, our students immerse themselves in an authentic role, in a real-world setting, with all the complex challenges of the industry. Our programs focus on a rich and engaging story in which students receive a realistic role in an organization, work to achieve real goals, overcome real challenges and explore the opportunity to make real mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment. Along the way, your mentor provides resources, tools and constructive and critical information about your work when you need it.

The participant will begin education in the area of software development, learning in addition to the development of front-end. In the role of Front-End Developer, will work on the "client side" of websites, web applications and mobile applications, developing the code with which users interact. After learning Front-End Development, you can choose to take your skills to the next level.


  • Front-end developer. (12 ECTS)
  • Full-Stack developer. (14 ECTS)

Note: 1 ECT is equal to 25 hours.

Course 1: Front-End:

What will you do in the course

Introduction to website development

In this course, you pretend to be an independent contractor that develops custom websites for small organizations. The Northside Youth Soccer League (NYSL) hires you to develop a website for your soccer teams. You will work on this website on your own and will learn to use modern HTML and CSS, to produce an attractive multi-page website, based on the client's requirements.

Introduction to JavaScript development

In this course, you are a developer in Code of the Web , a software company that creates custom web applications based on JavaScript. Transparent Government in Fact , a nonprofit organization that works to increase public participation in government, has been hired by the organization to develop a congressional monitoring website for them. You will work on this web application using technologies such as JavaScript, including the JQuery, AJAX, JSON and RESTful APIs.

Development of mobile web applications

In this course, you will again be an independent developer that Northside Youth Soccer League has hired you to create an application so that your players and parents have easy access to the schedules of the games in the league. To avoid the hassles of native applications, they would like it to be a mobile web application. You will design and develop the mobile web application, and add features to the application that are specific to mobile devices, such as location-based features so that parents can see where they are in relation to the soccer field.

Course 2: Development of a complete battery

What will you do in the course

Java development

In this course, you have been hired by a table games company, which seeks to use your brand recognition to market games online. In particular, they want their team to create a multi-player online version of a game engine. The basic idea is to guess, where other players have hidden objects. This can vary to create many different types of games with different user interfaces. Your job will be to create a web application for mobile devices, for player-type users to interact, and a game server with a space to manage: the games, the scores and the profiles of the players.

Pre requirements

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