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Explore and enjoy 'recreational' math, while boosting your creative and deductive thinking skills.

Gain the marketing skills you need to level-up your management career

From understanding customer behaviour to designing products and services that meet customer needs – marketing techniques and tools are used to solve management problems in a diverse range of professional contexts.

Whether you work in a commercial or non-commercial industry, as a management professional it’s crucial to understand the value of marketing and its impact on various business functions.

This microcredential will introduce you to the core principles of marketing – covering offline and digital perspectives.

Through an exploration of best-practice marketing approaches, you’ll enhance your marketing knowledge, improve your professional decision-making, and adapt your approach to solving business challenges, whatever your role or sector.

Underpinned by the latest academic thinking, this microcredential covers practical marketing examples and learning accounts from diverse international brands, as well as local charities and social enterprises in industries from manufacturing and retail to professional services and healthcare.

You’ll develop your understanding of key marketing topics like trends, customer motivation, and delivering customer value, and learn how to gather and use data to make effective management decisions.

You’ll also build a toolkit for creating products and services that meet your customer’s needs and that differentiate your product from your competitors’ offerings.

What skills will you learn?

  • Identifying customers’ motivations and responding to them.
  • Analysing the environment to identify marketing opportunities.
  • Establishing effective relationships with stakeholders.
  • Interpreting and using data to inform marketing decisions.
  • Managing customers’ willingness to pay.
  • Developing communication strategies appropriate for your product or service.
  • Positioning your offer to attract the right customers.
  • How to build compelling business and personal brands.
  • Identifying customers’ perceptions of risk & addressing them.
  • Leveraging relationships with distributors for marketing success.
  • Differentiating your offer from the competition.

When would you like to start?

We aim to run our microcredentials every few months. Join on the date that suits you or register to hear from an enrolment advisor about future runs and updates.

  • 2 November 2020

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to:

  • Solve a range of commercial and non-commercial marketing problems using appropriate tools and concepts.
  • Apply the latest tools of product and service design, distribution management and pricing to real situations.
  • Collect relevant information for marketing decision making.
  • Interpret a variety of different types of information from different information sources.
  • Evaluate and implement appropriate exchange methods, including relationships in different situations.

What you will receive

10 UK credits at Undergraduate level from The Open University.

You’ll receive an Open University certificate confirming that you have received 10 academic credits at Undergraduate level. Credits are awarded on passing the final assessment.

Are you eligible for this microcredential?

  • This microcredential is ideal for business professionals who wish to broaden their understanding of marketing and develop knowledge and skills to improve their performance at work.
  • This is an introductory level course and no previous knowledge of marketing is required. You do not require any specific experience or qualifications to enrol.
  • The course draws on practical examples from many industries and will help you to develop marketing skills that are transferable to a diverse range of sectors and organisations.

Is this microcredential right for you?

This microcredential will increase your confidence in applying marketing principles to your work and using marketing concepts to solve business problems.

In particular, it will enhance the employability of:

  • Professionals who would like to progress to management level.
  • Professionals who are new to a marketing role or work in marketing but lack formal qualifications.
  • Senior professionals looking to develop their marketing and management skills.
  • Self-employed professionals looking to develop their skills and knowledge of marketing.

Who will you learn with?

Haider Ali

I am a Lecturer in Marketing at the OU where I have helped thousands of managers succeed with the Professional Certificate in Management and I have designed the 2020 version to help many others

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What is a microcredential?

Microcredentials are designed to upskill you for work in rapidly-growing industries, without the time and cost commitment of a full degree. Your microcredential can stand alone as an independent credential, and some also offer academic credit to use towards a degree.

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