Branding Masterclasses


Program Description

If you are tired of basic webinars and theoretical courses, welcome to the place where content is carefully curated to give you the maximum inspiration and learning. Boost your branding and strategy skills by learning from the top people in the industry and hearing how they think, create and lead.

Who attends this programme

  • Creative and design directors
  • Brand managers and strategists
  • CMOs and heads of marketing
  • Graphic, digital and packaging designers
  • Professionals who are passionate about branding

You will learn

  • Where to find brand purpose and build a future-focused strategy
  • How to use motion design to enhance brand personality
  • How to write your brand story
  • What you need to understand about custom fonts and emotional typography
  • How to translate branding into the digital environment
  • What big clients look at when selecting a branding agency
  • How becoming a B Corp can change your approach to branding
  • How to stay relevant as a brand beyond the trends

A 360 Brand Experience

  • Industry-Led: Get behind-the-scenes access to the top design agencies and hear how they approach branding, what frameworks they use and how they work with big clients
  • Tools and Frameworks: We carefully curated all content to make it inspiring and applicable. All PDF presentations are available for you to keep.
  • Self-Paced: No need to wait! All masterclasses are available to enjoy right now. Whether you prefer to binge-watch or saviour the experience and watch them at your own pace in your own time – the choice is yours.

Programme Structure

  • Chapter 1 - Purpose
  • Chapter 2 - Type Design
  • Chapter 3 - Copywriting
  • Chapter 4 - Motion Branding
  • Chapter 5 - Client Agency
  • Chapter 6 - Branding in UX
  • Chapter 7 - Creative Strategy


On-Demand, £399 (Special price for the first 100 sign-ups. Full price – £499.)

Price includes: all Masterclass content, workshops, reading list, programme completion certificate.


Q: How much time a day do I need to complete the experience?

A: Genuinely up to you, you can binge-watch all the content in one ago - it's just less than 6 hours of content. Or saviour the experience and watch a Masterclass a day.

Q: How long will I have access to the content?

A: 6 months

Last updated Jan 2021

About the School

Future London Academy (FLA) is an educational organisation formed in 2013. We are an executive school for creatives.

Future London Academy (FLA) is an educational organisation formed in 2013. We are an executive school for creatives. Read less