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A bachelor’s degree is a unit of study that requires about four years of hard work and dedication to earn. Once students have earned their degree, they may have access to improved personal and professional opportunities.

Although technology may seem like a contemporary development, humans have been using technology since they began converting natural resources into tools. For example, the understanding of fire and its use in prehistoric cooking could be considered a facet of technology.

Online Bachelor in Technology Studies in Italy

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Other options within this field of study:
eCampus University

Professionals with this job title typically work in the fields of design, construction supervision, and testing of individual components or parts of machines and lines fo ... [+]

Specific Learning Targets

Graduates of the degree course in Computer Engineering must:

know how to apply the methods of mathematics and other basic sciences to interpret and describe Computer Engineering problems; know the various methodologies of Engineering sciences in general and those of Computer Engineering in detail; identify, formulate and find a solution to Energy Engineering problems by employing updated methodologies and adequate techniques and tools; know how to employ techniques and tools for the design of components, systems and processes; know how to perform experiments and analyses and interpret the data; understand the impact of the engineering solutions in the social, physical-environmental context; know their professional and ethic responsibility; know the business context and culture in their financial, managerial and organisational aspects; know contemporary contexts; have relational and decisional skills; fluently speak and write one of the European Union languages, in addition to the Italian language, in their specific field of competence to share general information; have acquired the specific skills to update their own knowledge. Occupational and Professional Outlets ... [-]
Italy Milan
International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

The bachelor degree course aims to train professionals able to take part into analysis, design, implementation and system management activities in the areas of computer s ... [+]

The bachelor degree course aims to train professionals able to take part into analysis, design, implementation and system management activities in the areas of computer science, automation and management engineering.

The program aims to provide a wide range of methodological and technical skills in the field of information engineering in order to create professionals with a high degree of flexibility and adaptation to market demands. It also gives a solid preparation in mathematics and physics, thereby providing the tools and scientific methodologies required to approach engineering problems in a rigorous way.

The objectives of the course are therefore: on the one hand, to provide a solid, general scientific and methodological preparation and, on the other hand, to create a highly specialised professional. For this reason, general scientific and engineering methodologies are covered in greater depth (with a view to developing methodological skills in the analysis, modelling and formulation of complex engineering problems), whereas more technically advanced courses are offered to complete the student’s competences presenting methodologies, technical solutions and application in specific sectors.... [-]

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