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Best Online Bachelors in Sport 2018/2019


A bachelor’s degree is earned through the completion of a college or university undergraduate program. Depending on the program selected, as well as if the student plans to attend full- or part-time, it can take between three and seven years to complete the coursework to earn this degree. If the end goal is earning a master’s degree, this educational milestone must be achieved first.

What is a Bachelor’s in Sport? Earning an undergraduate degree in sport is the perfect academic area of study for those with a passion for sports, regardless of their athletic ability. Schools offer several programs within this focus, such as a Bachelor of Business with a major in sports management and a science degree in physical activity and sport. These areas of study prepare students for success in the field of sports management, physical education or in health and sports training.

Studying for a Bachelor’s in Sport provides important life skills such as managing and understanding financials as well as the ability to complete other administrative tasks. These abilities help grow leaders and effective managers within organizations and communities.

The cost of earning a Bachelor’s in Sport fluctuates depending on many factors, such as the school attended, the specific academic program and the country’s geographic location. Ensuring offered programs meet the student’s goals is important, so researching potential schools is paramount.

Obtaining a Bachelor’s in Sport is meant to prepare those who earn it for a variety of career opportunities in the field of sports. While many may pursue sports management, there are other professional opportunities as well. Possible career options include becoming a sporting club manager, events manager, sponsorship manager, general manager, exercise physiologist, fitness center manager, sports coach or a sports therapist.

No matter one’s ultimate career goal, earning a Bachelor’s in Sport is sure to bring students one big step closer to reaching it. Prospective program participants will find there’s a selection of schools that offer online options, providing flexibility and the ability to fulfill studies from anywhere. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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