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What are online Bachelor studies?

Getting a bachelor degree used to require spending hours each day studying for four or five years at a college campus. It used to require a lot of focus and a virtual lifestyle focused on education. Today, students have additional options, including the ability to study to earn or to work towards earning their Bachelor degree. These online Bachelor study programs provide an opportunity to enjoy life, work in a different career, and go to school at the same time.

What's more interesting is that students can enroll in these online Bachelor courses virtually anywhere. That includes taking courses throughout Europe, North America, and just about any other place in the world. This provides a new level of freedom for today's law student.

What Are the Benefits of Taking an Online Bachelor Degree?

Getting an online Bachelor degree offers numerous benefits. Students can focus their education on any type of fields of study in any other country. You can enroll in an online program and save yourself from the airline tickets and costly living arrangements. It is also a benefit to those who want to be able to focus on more than just university. With online Bachelor programs, you can complete the work when it meets your schedule. That means you can work, raise a family, or simply enjoy life while you get your education in a competitive field like law. Online Bachelor degrees come with the same benefits and features as those found in a traditional school setting, with numerous additional benefits.

What Does Taking an Online Bachelor degree Consist Of?

Enrolling in a Bachelor degree online requires students to spend a good deal of time focusing on their education. The course material is still challenging and requires a certain number of hours of study. It can be a challenge for those who struggle to remain disciplined and focused on their education to complete these courses. However, once you learn how to balance life and education, online Bachelor degrees can provide an avenue for advanced learning.
Students may be able to engage with professors and other students through advanced technology. You will follow lectures, interact during discussions, and communicate to complete coursework as required.

What Are the Differences in Costs and Duration?

The duration and costs of online Bachelor degrees differ by school and by the student's needs. Compared to traditional university study, online Bachelor programs are much easier to manage both in terms of cost and timelines. Students can sometimes complete programs faster if they dedicate more time to the coursework, or take longer if they already have a busy schedule.

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Distance Learning: Administration

Campus or Online Part time 8 semesters March 2018 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The <span translate="no">UNICARIOCA</span> Distance Management course covers the various areas of Administration: finance, people management, marketing, production, logistics, projects and social and environmental responsibility. [+]

Bachelor Industrial Engineering Industry 4.0

IUBH Fernstudium
Online Full time Part time 6 - 12 semesters Open Enrollment Germany Bad Honnef + 1 more

Our Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.) Prepares you with wide extensive specialist knowledge of IT and engineering and business skills to meet the challenges of industrial engineering before. The innovations that can be summarized under the term Industrial 4.0 are thereby separately envisaged to use the rapid industrial developments of recent years and to make the profile of our graduates for the labor market more interesting. [+]

International Graduate In Digital Marketing

Instituto Internacional de Marketing - Digital Business School
Online Full time 2 years February 2019 Spain Barcelona Madrid Ireland Dublin + 3 more

The digital world has ceased to be an option to become a requirement. Companies, which until recently were timidly digital, evolve towards structures where digitization is a deep and complex reality (communication, logistics, marketing, sales, human resources, etc.). [+]

Bachelor of Criminal Justice

Reinhardt University - Online Programs
Online Full time Part time May 2018 USA Waleska

The Bachelor of Criminal Justice from Reinhardt University is designed for the working professional and is earned completely online. [+]

Bachelor's Degree In Economics

Universidad Europea de Monterrey
Online Full time July 2018 Mexico Monterrey

The courses are taught by 100% virtual mode. Undergraduate students will be professionals capable of entering the labor market with great success. [+]

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Interactive Design Institute
Online Part time June 2018 United Kingdom UK Online

The online BA (Hons) Graphic Design is a practical, project based course fit for the 21st century. You will develop your design skills using both traditional and modern techniques to successfully complete activities and [+]

Bachelor of Business in Management Applications (Online)

Institute of Technology Sligo
Online Part time 1 year September 2018 Ireland Sligo

This programme is aimed at those working in or considering a career in business. The programme builds on learning obtained in the Higher Certificate in Business (Level 6 NFQ) and focuses on the practical skills and knowledge required to enhance performance in a business environment. [+]

Bachelor's Degree In Business Psychology (online)

Universidad Tecmilenio
Online Part time 9 semesters July 2018 Mexico Mexico Online

Profile of the Graduate Conflict management. Management consulting and organizational development companies. [+]

Bachelor of Engineering Information Technology in Project Management

California Intercontinental University
Online 4 years September 2018 USA Irvine

The Bachelor of Engineering Information Technology in Project Management (BEIT PM) program is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills to apply business principles and management practices with specialization in project management. Students pursuing this specialization will learn about information technology, knowledge management, information security, and project management.e [+]

Bachelor Digital Engineering And Applied Computer Science (b.eng.)

AKAD University
Online Part time 42 - 54 months Open Enrollment Germany Germany Online

Do you like to use your intelligence to identify, secure and analyze all types of digital evidence in "digital forensics"? They are not only on the trail of the industry 4.0, but are they moving forward at the interface between IT expertise and practice expertise? [+]

Bachelor of Business With a Major in Accounting

Swinburne Online
Online Full time March 2018 Australia Melbourne

Start your career in finance by becoming a qualified accountant. Professionally accredited by CPA Australia and taught by qualified accountants, our Bachelor of Business (Accounting) will give you the skills you need to work in a broad range of financial roles. [+]

Bachelor of Arts in Integral Transpersonal Psychology (ITP-BA)

Ubiquity University
Online Full time Part time September 2018 USA Mill Valley

This B.A. program is designed for young people motivated by the spirit of innovation and fresh ideas, who know that they have a present and a future as protagonists, innovators, and cultural creatives. [+]

Bachelor in Pre-Primary Education - Distance Learning

University of Nicosia
Online Full time Part time 4 years September 2018 Cyprus Nicosia + 1 more

<p>The general aim of the program is to prepare pre-primary teachers for teaching children between the ages 3 and 6. This means that the candidate teacher should acquire the necessary knowledge and skills and at the same time, plan his/her attitudes that will enable him/her on the one hand, to organize the proper student environment for the cognitive development of children between the ages of 3-6, and on the other hand, to help their development in the social, emotional and moral field. Both the content of the lessons as well as their methodology aim at leading the reflective teacher- educator who is capable of rethinking and self-judging his/her decisions and who has the ability and disposition for corrective action.</p> [+]

Online BA (Honours) in Business Management (18 months)

London School Of International Business - LSIB
Online Full time Part time 18 - 36 months August 2018 United Kingdom London UK Online + 2 more

The BA (Hons) in business management programme reflects the changing world of business and equips you with the expertise needed to understand business and management on both a national and global scale. [+]

Bachelor of Applied Business

La Trobe Online
Online Full time Part time 3 years October 2018 Australia Australia Online + 1 more

The Bachelor of Applied Business will provide you with a broad foundation of business skills required for a range of roles in the business world. [+]