Online Bachelor in Marketing Studies in Senegal

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Marketing Studies

Individuals who want improved career prospects and to expand their skills may be interested in earning a bachelor’s degree. This academic unit of study can be earned once students complete an associate’s degree and other educational requirements.

Courses in marketing and communication teach how to create a marketing plan based on market research and marketing principles. These classes usually form part of a certification or degree program. Other subjects include how to utilize consumer decision making trends to help create a brand image.



There are many diverse options available in Senegal for higher education. Recent years have seen an influx of international students as several programs have been put in place to improve the current state of higher education institutions.

Online Bachelor in Marketing Studies in Senegal

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Marketing Bachelor

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Understand working life in Europe: its rules and peculiarities, Assimilate new marketing trends (tribal, experiential ...) ... [+]

Online Bachelors in Marketing Studies in Senegal. TRAINING, OBJECTIVES Understand working life in Europe: its rules and peculiarities Mastering Operational Marketing: know the methods, namely conducting marketing research, define and implement an operational marketing plan, a political product / price / distribution / communication Assimilate new trends in marketing (tribal, experiential ...) Understanding Strategic Marketing: strategic analysis, segmentation and positioning, analysis of attractiveness, competitiveness, sector analysis Knowing the specifics of industrial B to B Marketing, Marketing Services and E-Marketing Decrypt know the basics of Marketing International (intercultural marketing strategy, language, international publicity, culture, management of international operations ...) A JOB Marketing Assistant Marketing Manager Product manager E-marketer Community Manager Digital Marketing Manager SYLLABUS ... [-]