Top Online Bachelors in Humanities Studies 2019 in Europe

A bachelor’s degree is earned through an undergraduate educational program that can take about three to four years to complete, provided students can attend school full-time. Bachelor’s degrees can be earned on campus or online, depending on the school, which is ideal for students with busy lives.

Humanities and Social Sciences is a varied field of study that may prepare students for a wide variety of careers in a huge array of industries. Those who wish to work in social services, education or any career involving the arts may benefit from focusing on this area.

There are more than four thousand higher education organizations in Europe, from leading research institutions to small, teaching-focused universities. Europe itself is not as much different than other continents, reaching from the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa.

Bachelor Online in Humanities Studies in Europe

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Open University Of Cyprus

The graduate program STUDIES IN GREEK CULTURE offers a kaleidoscopic introduction to the historical phenomenon called Hellenic Civilization from antiquity to today, its t ... [+]

The degree program STUDIES IN GREEK CULTURE offers Kaleidoscopic introduction to the historical phenomenon called Hellenic Civilization From antiquity to today, its transformations and transitions, its contradictions and complexity, its brilliant and less brilliant moments. Through this critique of perception, the cultural processes are related to the historical and social components.

The broader objective of the Program is to equip its students with Cognitive, methodological and epistemological skills Such as to allow them to deepen cultural phenomena in general, to realize the ideological and political, racing and agonizing nature of the historical formulation called culture, cultural and national identity. Emphasis is given to the study of the primary sources (texts and objects), with the purpose Critical sensor design and the development of research skills.... [-]

Cyprus Cyprus Online
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4 years
Universidad Pontificia Comillas

The Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economy ensures basic training in three disciplines and looks at important additional content from the fields of law, so ... [+]

Grado en Filosofía, Política y Economía. (Online) Interuniversitario Deusto y Comillas

El Grado en Filosofía, Política y Economía procura una formación básica en tres disciplinas e incluye aproximaciones de contenidos sustantivos complementarios, provenientes del ámbito del derecho, la sociología, y las relaciones internacionales. Esta hibridación formativa contribuye al esclarecimiento de los mecanismos de toma de decisión, a fomentar el necesario ejercicio de la responsabilidad implicado en dichos procesos, a tomar clara conciencia de que las personas y la defensa de su dignidad son y deben ser el verdadero fin de todo el entramado socio-político y económico y, en definitiva, a articular propuestas desde una visión que no podría lograrse con la participación de una sola disciplina o de un número reducido de ellas.... [-]

Spain Madrid
September 2019
4 years