Best Online Bachelors in Event Management 2019

A bachelor’s degree is an academic achievement a student earns at the undergraduate level when a course of study is completed at a college or university. Earning a bachelor’s degree through an online program is a way to maximize educational flexibility and convenience.

What is an online bachelor's in event management? This is a specialty in the field of hospitality or marketing that plans, promotes and executes special meetings, celebrations or activities for a business. New product launches, employee recognition events and annual management meetings are all examples of event management activities. Coursework may include the study of basic business concepts such as marketing, administration, accounting, project management and contract negotiation. Areas of special study might include food and beverage catering, graphic design, social media communications and vendor management.

A program that provides coursework in these areas can lay the foundation for skills that are valued across industries. These may include improved communication skills, enhanced project management abilities and upgraded customer service capabilities.

As with any educational investment, the cost of an online bachelor’s degree may vary widely from school to school and from country to country. However, online coursework is generally more cost-effective than that found in traditional learning environments.

An online bachelor's degree in event management may open a variety of career doors. Positions such as marketing associate, member services manager, assistant vineyard manager, vice president of retail strategy, and account manager are examples of employment opportunities that rely upon skills learned in the study of event management. In addition, these skills can be used to further education, such as a master’s degree in a related field, to expand executive and teaching opportunities.

There are schools around the world that provide online bachelor's degrees in event management. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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ESMAC : École Supérieure des Métiers des Arts appliqués et de la Culture

The SDS® BACHELOR PROFESSIONAL ART MARKET is a European diploma from the INSHED. The training allows to be professionally operational by the beginning of your career and ... [+]

TRAINING Understand the cultural, social and political (in French and English). Mastering tools (Graphics Software) and technical (critical analysis of the work, museum, exhibition). Possess knowledge of the economy and the art market history Assimilate the duties and powers of a person working in the art market to implement a personal project. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES

The SDS® BACHELOR PROFESSIONAL ART MARKET is a European diploma from the INSHED. The training allows to be professionally operational by the beginning of your career and enjoy good employability, beyond even your country


To start your training project, nothing more simple, you simply download the detailed training that interests you. From that moment :... [-]

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