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An online bachelor’s degree is a program in which coursework is taken either partially or wholly online. The degree requirements are usually the same whether the class is taken online or in the classroom, but the online option offers far greater flexibility and is a great option if the student is already employed.

What is an online bachelor’s in employment relations? This online degree program, also known as a degree in labor & employment relations, helps to prepare students for careers in human resources. These degrees can be offered as either a Bachelor of Science, where the electives focus more on quantitative skills such as accounting, or as a Bachelor of Arts where the electives focus more on sociology and the humanities. A person interested in a job in compensation, benefits, or labor relations might want to select the Bachelor of Science, and someone interested in employment law or workforce diversity might want to choose the Bachelor of Arts degree. Both options are considered excellent for pre-law study.

The skills learned while pursuing a degree in employment relations are usually readily transferrable in the business world. Scholars learn specialized skills such as dispute resolution, interpersonal skills, team building, a knowledge of employment law, and other valuable business management skills.

The cost of obtaining a degree in employment relations can vary and depends on the school selected and the length of its program. Contact the admissions department at the school of your choice for more precise information.

Students who have earned an undergraduate degree in employment relations might find employment with private companies, health care facilities, government agencies, or even with the National Labor Relations Board. Some graduates work as human resource generalists while others choose specialties such as a labor relations specialist or benefits and compensation specialist.

If you are interested in pursuing this online degree program, you are sure to find many options of schools available, worldwide. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice.

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European Diploma Of Human Resources Graduate Studies

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Human resource management covers many areas, including training, payroll, internal and social relations, the establishment of new social laws such as the 35 hours and the RTT (Reduction of Working Time). [+]

Top Online Bachelors in Employment Relations. Human resource management covers many areas, including training, payroll, internal and social relations, the establishment of new social laws such as the 35 hours and the RTT (Reduction of Working Time). To work in these services, we must have legal knowledge, financial and accounting, and have developed interpersonal skills Your Profile Open-minded, discreet, disciplined, good communication ... Prerequisites : Holds a +2 kind BTS, IUT, Licence 2 Holds a tray and you have 3 years experience in the relevant field Or equivalent and 4-5 years experience in the relevant field Hold a diploma or a certificate issued by a school or university, valid at least 120 credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The following competencies: Observing the realities of human resources related activity Develop and administer a training plan Pay dues and track disease and welfare records Making a recruitment plan Establish payroll Assess staffing needs Write and publish jobs Participate in the implementation of the social balance Developing the internal communication system Pursue work: recruitment service assistant Assistant HR consultant Deputy Human Resources Project Manager Rechnicien personnel management corporate recruitment officer or cabinet Research assistant Program Structure EU A - The Culture Programme and European Citizenship is common to all programs of the FEDE Europe: history, geography, institutions, a right and the major issues. A1 EU - Europe, uniqueness values, cultural diversity History and Civilization Cultures and religions, practices and policies of European states European citizens EU A2 - European integration,... [-]

Bachelor Human Resources (e-learning)

IPAC France
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Training is available to anyone holds a Bac + 2 (or as level 3) or any person with at least 3 years of professional experience. [+]

Educational program EU HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT HR function and organization Compensation Organization of recruitment Human Resources Development Training plan HRIS Computer skills manager English EU COMMUNICATION AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT professional communication and relationships Management of People and organizations Project management Internal Communication social negotiation Budget Control Management and development of payroll EU ADMINISTRATIVE HR Legal framework for business Labor law comprehensive labor law IT payroll Administrative Management & Technical Payroll EU PROFESSIONALS professional practice in business professional record Evaluation Mode Online MCQ in limited time In June: 3 Case Studies in the examination center In June: the professional record of Oral presentation prepared on the basis of a period in business 16 weeks. the period in business exemption possibility for employees. tests remedial possibility or events passing on shift two years after 1 pass Qualification awarded Title recorded in RNCP level II, published in OJ of 08/09/2014 acquired Bachelor with 120 ECTS Prerequisites - Hold a bac + 2 validated - or be holder of a Level III - Or hold 120 ECTS If you do not meet these requirements but have three years of professional experience, the device validation of learning can allow you entry into the program. Professional opportunities - Head of Human Resources - Recruitment Officer - Associate Social Management - Training Manager ... [-]