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Best Online Bachelors in Econometrics 2018


An online bachelor’s degree provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in particular fields of study. A degree can usually be completed within four years after completing secondary education.

What is an online bachelor’s in econometrics? These programs focus on developing skills in the application of economic principles and technologies to global markets with a particular focus on statistics and other mathematical methods. Students often have the opportunity to gain experience in statistical analysis, scientific methods for economic use, business analysis and marketing research. Some programs are designed to act as stepping stones for continued education with master’s or doctorate degree goals.

A degree in econometrics can provide students with essential knowledge and skills to advance in their current and future professions. Being able to identify economic weaknesses and ideas for improvement in an organization, understanding how to conduct and apply market research to business plans and knowing how to adapt theories and technologies to evolving economies are skills that can benefit students finding successful careers in many different industries.

The cost of earning an online degree may vary depending on a student’s location and the duration of different programs. Prospective students are invited to contact schools with any specific questions about cost.

Many economic professionals are able to find steady work by offering specialized freelance services or working in various departments of both small companies and large corporations. Students may find positions in areas such as marketing, business management, journalism, law, banking, accounting, actuary, consulting and education. Students with econometric degrees may also find themselves equipped for roles such as quantitative analyst, econometrics data analyst, or data scientist.

An online degree often gives students the flexibility to work on programs in their own time. To learn more about starting a degree, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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