Best Online Bachelors in Design 2019/2020

A bachelor’s degree, which requires four years of study, gives students the opportunity to improve their knowledge and training in a specific field. With their increased skill proficiency, students may qualify for a career with better pay upon graduation.

Design studies are often a fusion of engineering principles and design. Architecture, graphic design, retail merchandising, and apparel design are informed by design studies coursework. Designing on digital platforms and fabrication of product prototypes are practiced in design labs.

Online Bachelor in Design

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UNIBA Centro Universitario Internacional de Barcelona

Get ready to boost your career in the field of design. Through this degree program, you will acquire the ... [+]


Get ready to boost your career in the field of design. Thanks to this online degree program design, you will acquire the knowledge and techniques necessary to take care of the planning, development and the development of cultural and visual products, and imaging and spaces.

This curriculum will provide all the theoretical and practical training you need to enhance your creativity and work as a designer / professional in sectors as diverse as photography, audiovisual industry, decoration and interior design, creating graphics applications, the publishing, marketing, advertising and teaching.

With this curriculum:

You'll get the knowledge and skills necessary to raise, manage and carry out any design project. You master the different artistic languages, which can be applied to those areas where the creation of new products required. You will learn proper technical and technological design processes, and the most appropriate tools to work with. You will learn what are the formal procedures of graphic communication and how to implement them effectively. You will acquire knowledge of those aspects that affect the integrated management of design: economics, marketing and legal issues (patents, copyright, intellectual property, etc..). Know what has been the evolution of cultural, social, aesthetic and economic values ​​associated with art. Study the superior design degree program at the International Center of Barcelona will allow total flexibility to combine your online studies with your professional life. QUALIFICATIONS AND CURRICULUM ... [-]
Spain Barcelona
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4 years
London School of Design and Marketing (PT)

Design was never as important as it is now. It is a part of our days because we can find design in each product that we use, in all the sites that we visit or in all the ... [+]

We are an online teaching institution available in 3 languages ​​(English, Spanish and Portuguese) based in London but with online courses accessible worldwide.

Why the Bachelor of Design?

Design was never as important as it is now. It is part of our daily lives because we can find the design in every product we use, in the websites we visit or in all the applications that we install on smartphones.

The London School of Design and Marketing Design Degree will help you build a career in the creative world and can be the impetus you need to reach new goals, unleash your creative side, and create powerful projects that inspire and influence people. The Degree in Design rests on three key points:... [-]

United Kingdom London
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30 months