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Communication Design

A bachelor’s degree gives students higher knowledge of an academic discipline. While some degrees provide general knowledge about a discipline, others are tailored to specific fields, allowing students to step directly into careers.

What is an online Bachelor's in Communication Design? Courses typically cover merchandising, advertising and industry-specific software. Some programs also include classes about the legal aspects and history of the field. Students gain the skills needed to create both print and online designs and develop ideas from concepts to finished products. Additionally, students may participate in online design studios. Classes are sometimes taught by professionals in the field. By the end of a program, students often have portfolios to get them started as working professionals.  

In a communication design program, students typically gain exceptional communication skills and learn to convey ideas clearly. They are also able to collaborate on large projects and appreciate their colleagues’ ideas. Management and organization skills may be increased through a student’s use and understanding of industry software. A bachelor’s degree may also allow students to obtain positions with higher salaries.

A communication design program may take up to four years to complete. Tuition and other associated costs are sometimes lower if a student enrolls in an online program. It is recommended that students contact universities directly to understand their financial commitment.

With a bachelor’s degree in communication design, students may design images for graphics companies and help advertise products and services. Managing design projects and helping businesses brand themselves through images are other opportunities. Some students might find careers in marketing, advertising agencies or in the textile industry. Other opportunities include opening a design studio or managing cultural events. Some students may wish to teach design classes at universities or work in publishing.

Scholars may want to take online classes if they wish to work while completing their degree. To attain your desired career, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor of Design With a Major in Communication Design

Swinburne Online
Online Full time Part time 3 years March 2017 Australia Melbourne + 1 more

Turn your passion into a fulfilling career with a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) from Swinburne. Taught by practicing designers, this degree prepares you to work in a range of creative industries, such as advertising, branding, merchandising, communications and publication design. [+]

Top Online Bachelors in Communication Design. Become a professional designer Turn your passion into a fulfilling career with a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) from Swinburne. Taught by practicing designers, this degree prepares you to work in a range of creative industries, such as advertising, branding, merchandising, communications and publication design. You will develop the practical skills you need to design for web, print and emerging media, and learn how to communicate effectively using the language of design. Throughout your course, you will produce work for real clients and develop a professional portfolio to help you land your dream design job. Career opportunities Design Coordinator Produce design solutions for clients and oversee creative projects from start to finish. Marketing and Design Executive Develop and execute marketing strategies and create strong graphic design elements. Graphic and Digital Designer Produce creative campaigns using graphic design, web and video advertising content. Account Manager Work with clients to create a digital brand strategy and manage their projects and campaigns. Learning at Swinburne Online Designed by designers Created by designers, for designers, the Swinburne Online Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) prepares you for life as a professional working in a highly competitive field. Taught by working designers with years of experience, the course has been specifically designed to give you the skills employers are looking for. You’ll graduate with a highly marketable set of abilities and a professional portfolio that shows them off. A community of creatives At Swinburne Online, you will be part of an online community of creative students. Just like in a design studio, you will work alongside your peers on your own projects, collaborate on design briefs, and share ideas. You will form creative partnerships that continue far beyond study, and into your professional life. A unique learning experience You shouldn’t have to put everything on hold to study, so we have created a degree that can fit around your life. The flexibility of learning online means that you can continue in your current role while working towards the career you want. Our communication design course replicates the studio experience, with lessons taking place in a live, interactive learning environment. You will develop practical skills through demo videos, group sessions and discussions, and use industry-standard Adobe software to produce work for your portfolio. Entry criteria Non-Year 12 entry Completion or partial completion of an approved tertiary qualification (including diplomas, advanced diplomas, associate degrees and degrees). Additional performance criteria and prerequisite requirements may also apply. Submission of a professional portfolio that sufficiently demonstrates an understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of visual communication design is required. Please note the technology requirements for this course. Students admitted to the course with prior tertiary studies that satisfy part of the academic requirements of this course may be eligible for academic credit. Applicants without a formal qualification but with significant and relevant work experience and appropriate English language skills will be considered if they can demonstrate that they can undertake the course with a reasonable prospect of success. The University may determine selection criteria and restrictions in respect of courses to apply in addition to these entry requirements. Year 12 entry Successful completion of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or its equivalent, such as an interstate or international Year 12 qualification. VCE Pre-requisites Applicants must meet the associated minimum ATAR score Units 3 and 4 – a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or at least 25 in English other than EAL and a study score of at least 20 in either Art, Interactive Digital Media, Media, Product Design and Technology, Studio Arts or Visial Communication. A portfolio of work and a certified statement of results will be required. [-]

Bachelor's degree Fashion and Design

eCampus University
Online Full time October 2017 Italy Milan

In order to access the degree course in Fashion and Desing, it is necessary to have a diploma of secondary education or other qualification obtained abroad, legally recognized. A set of specific knowledge is not required. [+]

Specific educational goals Graduates in Fashion and Design should: have adequate basic training (art, history, psycho-sociological, aesthetic, legal, management) on the topics of design and fashion; have relevant methodological and critical tools to acquire skills in expressive languages and techniques used in the design and fashion, from the conception, to production, communication and promotion of the image; be able to use effectively, in written and oral form, at least one European language other than Italian, in the specific field of expertise and to exchange general information; be able to use IT and telecommunication tools in the specific areas of expertise; possess adequate skills for communication and information management; be able to work in a team and to work with defined levels of autonomy. Career opportunities for graduates Graduates in Fashion and Design could work in: textile and fashion industry, atelier and professional studios, in production techniques, management and direction of business; companies, exhibition venues, exhibition companies, advertising agencies, publishing, press offices of fashion businesses; in businesses and institutions that organize cultural events, costume and fashion shows, as a production manager or consultant; teaching at educational institutions in the disciplines of fashion. Requirements for access (art. 6 D.M. 509/99) In order to access the degree course in Fashion and Desing, it is necessary to have a diploma of secondary education or other qualification obtained abroad, legally recognized. A set of specific knowledge is not required. Appropriate tests of basic knowledge may be introduced for all students and, in particular, for those who have followed a curriculum of secondary education that does not deal with all the subjects relevant to their preparation. If the evaluation of the initial preparation is not successful, the student may be admitted with an educational debt. In order to limit the onset of educational debts, the Board of the degree course may provide for the introduction of preparatory educational activities to be carried out before any evaluation test. These activities may also be carried out in collaboration with institutions of higher secondary education, on the basis of appropriate agreements Final exam In order to be admitted to the graduation exam, the student must have passed successfully the assessment of the teaching activities. The final examination for the degree consists of a paper regarding the subjects of the degree program; the paper should be developed under the supervision of a professor and the assistance of one or more disciplinary tutors, including at least one member of the degree course. In the evaluation of the final test the quality of the work will be considered, as well as the synthesis ability and the quality of the presentation in written and oral form of the work. [-]

Degree (BA) Design

UNIBA Centro Universitario Internacional de Barcelona
Online Full time Part time 4 years April 2017 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

Get ready to boost your career in the field of design. Through this degree program, you will acquire the [+]

Top Online Bachelors in Communication Design. INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Get ready to boost your career in the field of design. Thanks to this online degree program design, you will acquire the knowledge and techniques necessary to take care of the planning, development and the development of cultural and visual products, and imaging and spaces. This curriculum will provide all the theoretical and practical training you need to enhance your creativity and work as a designer / professional in sectors as diverse as photography, audiovisual industry, decoration and interior design, creating graphics applications, the publishing, marketing, advertising and teaching. With this curriculum: You'll get the knowledge and skills necessary to raise, manage and carry out any design project. You master the different artistic languages, which can be applied to those areas where the creation of new products required. You will learn proper technical and technological design processes, and the most appropriate tools to work with. You will learn what are the formal procedures of graphic communication and how to implement them effectively. You will acquire knowledge of those aspects that affect the integrated management of design: economics, marketing and legal issues (patents, copyright, intellectual property, etc..). Know what has been the evolution of cultural, social, aesthetic and economic values ​​associated with art. Study the superior design degree program at the International Center of Barcelona will allow total flexibility to combine your online studies with your professional life. QUALIFICATIONS AND CURRICULUM At the end and overcome your studies get the Degree in Design, an official certificate that gives you the University of Barcelona. This qualification is recognized and adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and it'll increase your career options and / or extend your studies to earn a master's degree. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Under Article 14 of Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October, on the organization of official university studies, they can access these official teachings Grade persons who meet the requirements of current legislation for Access to university, and in compliance with applicable rules establishing procedures governing selection for admission to universities. The existing access roads to this degree are: Tests access to university or equivalent (PAU). Ciclos Formativos de Grado Superior, FP2 o asimilados. COU. University graduates. Entrance exams for over 25 years. Students from educational systems that applies Article 38.5 of the Organic Law 2/2006 of 3 May, on education. Recognition of foreign university studies (continuation of the same studies). GRANTS In order to provide you access to your studies, UNIBA offers you various types of scholarships: Academic merit scholarships Own scholarships: awarded to students with good professional record by the admissions committee. Scholarships and grants the Ministry of Education or other state government agencies. At all times our educational advisors will inform you of the validity of each and can guide you on the needs and steps to follow when applying for any of these scholarships. PROFESSIONAL OUTINGS Obtaining Degree in Design enables you to work in the following areas: Delivery and design agencies. Industria editorial. Departments product. Companies and imaging departments, communication, marketing and advertising. Museums and cultural centers. Exposiciones y ferias. Companies specializing in signage. Industria audiovisual. Photography studios. Construcción. Schools and art schools. Media specializing in art or design. [-]