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Usually taking four years to complete, a bachelor’s degree offers a well-rounded education for students. This degree option is found at the undergraduate level and allows a student to take major-specific courses, along with general education courses.

What is an online Bachelor's in Commerce? A commerce degree program offers students a chance to study business and related principles and ideas. Some programs may offer concentrations for students who have a specific career goal in mind, like marketing, accounting or entrepreneurship. Most programs provide students with general business courses, such as sales, resource management, economics, market analysis and organizational development. Some will include internships or research projects that allow students to gain practical experience in business situations and settings.

Completing a commerce bachelor’s degree program can help students to learn about all areas of business. A program may also allow students to develop skills to prepare for entry into a specific business career.

The cost of a program is difficult to estimate because of variances in programs and tuition prices between schools. The best estimate of a program’s cost comes from a student’s school.

After earning a degree, students may be prepared to enter the workforce and apply for entry-level positions with various companies. A commerce degree can prepare individuals to work in any industry. Depending on the chosen concentration, if any, a student may also be ready to work in a specific career field like accounting or marketing. Common job titles for graduates include salesperson, payroll clerk, financial analyst, claims adjuster and customer service representative. Many graduates choose to pursue a Master of Business Administration in order to advance their careers.

If you would like to work in the field of business, then obtaining a Bachelor’s in Commerce can be a good choice. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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BCom Business Management (Online)

The Da Vinci Institute
Distance learning February 2018 South Africa Lethabong

The Bachelor of Commerce (Business Management) degree is aimed at the development of managers who need to understand the importance of socio-economic transformation for South Africa. [+]

Top Online Bachelors in Commerce. The Bachelor of Commerce (Business Management) degree is aimed at the development of managers who need to understand the importance of socio-economic transformation for South Africa. DEMAND The BCom Degree is specifically designed to afford prospective candidates an opportunity to realise their true potential by: Preparing them to perform their work effectively within a modern organisational environment; Providing them with personal development opportunities while they meet requirements within the business management domain; Emphasising the integration of systems, technology, innovation and people development concepts into individual performance within an organisation; and Developing them to better understand their role in the organisational environment and improve their capacity to contribute towards managing a system. PURPOSE People who achieve this qualification will be able to: Define and apply a variety of management development theories within a systems thinking framework; Describe the knowledge and skills required to inform sustainable management and organisational development practices; Communicate ideas, concepts, and practical application of theories related to management development; and Apply technology, innovation, people and systems thinking concepts to transform individuals, organisations and/or communities. LEVEL DESCRIPTORS By enrolling on the BCom qualification students should develop the capacity to: Identify their own learning needs; Evaluate their learning progress; Initiate appropriate learning processes and actions; and Assist others to identify learning needs. Within this environment, which includes the application of learning, students are required to translate their theoretical understanding of the appropriate BCom subject material into demonstrated application at the workplace and are able to... [-]

Bachelor Commerce Marketing (e-learning)

IPAC France
Online Full time 10 months Open Enrollment France Annecy Montpellier Rennes + 2 more

Training is available to anyone holds a Bac + 2 (or as level 3) or any person with at least 3 years of professional experience. [+]

Educational program EU COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY Strategic Marketing Digital Marketing Plan marketing studies Communication strategy operational communication Web Marketing Communication e-branding management Distribution Trade policy and customer relationship Negotiation Computer skills manager EU MANAGERIAL ACTIVITY professional communication and relationships Management of People and organizations Management of the sales force English EU BUSINESS MANAGER Legal framework for business Labor law Budget Control Steering business activity Business financial EU PROFESSIONALS Professional practice Professional record Evaluation Mode Online MCQ in limited time In June: 3 Case Studies in the examination center In June: the professional record of Oral presentation prepared on the basis of a period in business 16 weeks. the period in business exemption possibility for employees. tests remedial possibility or events passing on shift two years after 1 pass Qualification awarded Title recorded in RNCP level II, published in OJ of 02/02/2011 acquired Bachelor with 120 ECTS Prerequisites - Hold a bac + 2 validated - or be holder of a Level III - Or hold 120 ECTS If you do not meet these requirements but have three years of professional experience, the device validation of learning can allow you entry into the program. Professional opportunities - Business Development Manager - Account Manager - Branch Manager ... [-]

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Kaplan University – Online
Online Part time January 2018 USA Indianapolis Cedar Falls Cedar Rapids Davenport Des Moines Mason City Augusta Lewiston Portland Hagerstown Rockville Saint Louis Lincoln Omaha Milwaukee + 13 more

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it stimulates business growth and generates new business opportunities. Kaplan University’s Bachelor’s of Science in Finance program is designed to help you gain technical knowledge and skills in a wide range of financial areas, and develop an understanding of the factors that influence financial decision-making. [+]

Top Online Bachelors in Commerce. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it stimulates business growth and new business opportunities. Kaplan University’s Bachelor of Science in Finance can help you gain technical knowledge and skills in a wide range of financial areas. The curriculum covers financial planning, corporate finance, banking, insurance, real estate, financial markets, and investment management. This degree focuses on helping you: Acquire an understanding of factors that influence financial decision-making Develop/implement critical thinking skills to solve in-depth financial problems At this time, if you reside in one of the following states you may not enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Finance: AR, DE, KS, KY, NM, or TN. Program Highlights This online bachelor's degree includes assignments, reports, presentations, and group projects—each designed to help you develop the savvy and proficiencies to find solutions to real-life financial situations. The curriculum focuses on helping you: Perform financial analysis using quantitative concepts and techniques Interpret financial statements and ratios Examine investment and financial risk Analyze financial theory and practices Apply legislation, regulations, and principles of practice to financial scenarios Communicate professionally through writing and presentations with stakeholders For Kaplan University Gainful Employment program disclosure information, click here. [-]