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Best Online Bachelors in Banking 2019


An online bachelor’s degree can usually be earned within four years. Students are able to enhance skills and gain knowledge in their fields of study to find success and growth in their careers.

What is an online bachelor’s in banking? These programs aim to build on basic financial concepts and practical operational skills in preparation for careers in many industries. Students have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of corporate finance, financial planning, financial statements, investment management, various types of real estate and financial markets, insurance institutions, quantitative concepts, research analysis and financial risk. Some programs may also focus on critical approaches to financial theories and practices, including taxation, financial regulations and banking rules specifically in the scope of the European market.

Students in banking degree programs can gain many essential skills, including knowing how to engage in financial problem solving, communicating ideas effectively through writing and presentation and understanding how to work within the complexities of a culturally diverse financial environment. These skills can help students feel more confident in their job performance and position them to advance to higher pay.

Because many programs are offered internationally, the cost for each may vary depending on duration and student location. Students interested in pursuing a degree are encouraged to contact specific schools with questions.

Completing an online bachelor’s degree program in banking can provide students with many different career options. Opportunities may be found in areas such as customer service, account management, insurance, wealth management, financial advisement and financial analysis. Graduates can use their experience and knowledge of financial theory to practice real-life scenarios and decision-making in their professional environments.

Online degrees with flexible part time options are available for students with busy schedules. To start a degree, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor bancassurance

Online 1 year Open Enrollment France France Online Belgium Belgium Online Switzerland Switzerland Online Luxembourg Luxembourg Online Lebanon Lebanon Online Martinique (Fr.) Martinique Online Reunion (Fr.) Reunion Online Guadeloupe (Fr.) Guadeloupe Online Mauritius Mauritius Online Canada Canada Online Algeria Algeria Online Tunisia Tunisia Online Morocco Morocco Online French Guiana French Guiana Online French Polynesia French Polynesia Online Congo, DR Congo DRC (Zaire) Online Congo Congo ROC (Brazzaville) Online Niger Niger Online Senegal Senegal Online Côte d'Ivoire Cote d'Ivoire Online Gabon Gabon Online Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Online Madagascar Madagascar Online + 43 more

The Banks sector, Financial Institutions and Insurance constantly recruits. [+]

Top Online Bachelors in Banking. TRAINING, OBJECTIVES Approach and decrypt the fundamentals of the European Union Ability to work in an intercultural environment Understand the principles of European taxation, EU legislation on Insurance, the European banking rules Knowing the French financial market Learn the basics of wealth advice: legal framework for heritage protection, modes of acquisition, management and transfer of assets, taxation, management of property assets Learning to conduct a business negotiation, provide quality service and retain a demanding clientele. A JOB Account Manager individuals / professionals in the Banking & Insurance Wealth manager Heritage Financial Adviser and / or Estate Responsible for business customers Welfare / Health A JOB ... [-]

Bachelor in Commerce (with a major in Banking and Investment Management)

Milpark Education
Online Full time Part time 3 - 9 years February 2019 South Africa Cape Town Johannesburg + 2 more

This qualification is suitable if you are looking for a career in the financial services industry. It covers banking and investment management, two related fields, to allow students flexibility in their careers. [+]

As Banking and Investment Management are related fields, it can be beneficial to those seeking a career in these fields to cover some banking and investment concepts and topics in one degree. This will provide a strong foundation to enable graduates to operate responsibly and successfully in the general banking, private banking, investment banking and investment management environment at a junior level.

The qualification will function as articulation into a Postgraduate Diploma in Investment Management/Banking, which most financial institutions require for a further career in the sector. As the course curriculum offers some investment modules, it will also assist with the preparation for the CFA Level 1 exam.... [-]

Bachelor of Commerce (with a major in Banking)

Milpark Education
Online Full time Part time 3 - 9 years February 2019 South Africa Cape Town Johannesburg + 2 more

The BCom with a major in Banking is suitable for students seeking a solid educational foundation in banking, with the option for a career as a specialist or manager in the banking sector. This Bachelor of Commerce degree is designed to help fast-track your career in banking. It provides practical skills and an understanding of banking and business topics. It can also lay the foundation for further studies. [+]

The BCom degree gives a broad, but solid educational foundation to students in various modules, like banking, economics, accounting, business management, finance, etc. Its purpose is to provide a broad but solid educational foundation to students in the field of commerce, including various key discipline areas such as business management, accounting, and law. Besides that, students can choose a specific Major that they would like to specialize in.

The qualification was designed to provide the knowledge base, practical competence and application skills that will enable students to either enter the labor market or to pursue further studies in their majors.

PROGRAMME STRUCTURE YEAR 1 Principles of Accounting Introduction to Business Management Introduction to Business Studies Principles of Microeconomics Regulation and Compliance in the Banking Industry Economics 1B Accounting 1B Business Law Introduction to Retail Banking YEAR 2 Economics 2A Banking 2A Marketing Management Practice Business Management 2B Banking 2B ELECTIVES Taxation ... [-]