Best Online Bachelors in Automotive Engineering 2019

Individuals who want improved career prospects and to expand their skills may be interested in earning a bachelor’s degree. This academic unit of study can be earned once students complete an associate’s degree and other educational requirements.

In an automotive engineering program, students have the opportunity to learn about an array of methodological operating systems that are present throughout the industrial engineering industry. This may support their studies as they pursue courses that may cover topics like mechanics, materials, energy and management.

Online Bachelor in Automotive Engineering

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With reference to the first point, adequate tests to prove basics knowledge can be administered to all students and, in particular, to those who have an upper secondary s ... [+]

Specific Learning Targets

Graduates of the degree course in Automation Engineering must:

know how to employ the methods of mathematics and other basic sciences to interpret and describe Automation Engineering; know the various methodologies of Engineering sciences in general and those of Automation Engineering in detail; identify, formulate and find a solution to Energy Engineering problems by applying updated methodologies and adequate techniques and tools; know how to apply techniques and tools to the design of components, systems and processes; know how to perform experiments and analyses and interpret the data; understand the impact of the engineering solutions in the social, physical-environmental context; know their professional and ethic responsibility; know the business context and culture in their financial, managerial and organisational aspects; know contemporary contexts; have relational and decisional skills; fluently speak and write one of the European Union languages, in addition to the Italian language; have acquired the specific skills to update their own knowledge. Occupational and Professional Outlets ... [-]
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