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Logistics Management

A bachelor’s degree is a course of study, normally requiring four years of full-time enrollment, that culminates in the awarding of a degree. It signifies the student has met the educational requirements specified by the school that awarded it. An online degree must meet these same requirements, but it also provides the student with added flexibility in class scheduling.

What is an online bachelor’s in logistics management? This is a degree awarded for the completion of studies related to overseeing the movement, storage, and ultimate delivery of goods from their original source to the final point of delivery to the customer. The study of logistics is sometimes combined with business degrees and might cover subjects such as managerial decision-making, management, and distribution and logistics. The field of logistics involves an understanding of complex and interrelated subjects such as sophisticated IT systems, political implications of global materials transportation, understanding different modes of transportation, environmental concerns, national and global infrastructure, and supply chain management. Coursework might also include financial management and budgeting, hazardous materials transportation, and border and port security issues.

In pursuing their degree, students learn valuable skills such as analysis, problem-solving, and managerial thinking, which are often easily transferable to many jobs in the business world. They also learn how interrelated systems impact each other.

The cost of obtaining an online bachelor’s in logistics management depends on the school and the length of the program selected. For more precise information regarding costs, prospective students should contact the admissions department of the school that interests them.

Getting a degree in logistics management can lead to employment opportunities in various sectors, such as large multi-national corporations, the military, and the government. Since goods are the lifeblood of most companies, as a logistics manager, you will likely be part of a strategic management team.

Online degree programs in logistics management are available worldwide and can be taken on either a full-time or part-time basis. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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The holder of DEESDIST - Manager radius or commercial space ensures the administrative and financial management of the radius (management of goods, equipment, implementation of trade and price policy, implementation and holding of the radius, personnel management attached to Ray). [+]

Top Online Bachelors in Logistics Management. The holder of DEESDIST - Manager radius or commercial space ensures the administrative and financial management of the radius (management of goods, equipment, implementation of trade and price policy, implementation and holding of the radius, personnel management attached to Ray). He participates in the radius communication plan and participates in the recruitment of team members. He negotiated sales goals with its hierarchy and report on its results. It has a wide autonomy within the framework of the responsibilities conferred on it. Your Profile These jobs require a sense of contact, advice. You are organized and you like trading. Like handle situations that require to find solutions quickly. Prerequisites : Holds a +2 kind BTS, IUT, Licence 2 Holds a tray and you have 3 years experience in the field Equivalent and you have 4-5 years experience in the field Hold a diploma or a certificate issued (e) by a school or a university, valid at least 120 credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The following competencies: Master the different élèments distributor mix Organize the merchandising department and products Animate and optimize sales Know manage customer relationships Select suppliers Train and develop staff Establish sales forecasts Analyze the management indicators and dashboards Carry trades: Assistant (e) Head of Department Head (s) of department Manager radius or commercial space Merchandiser Training content European Culture Europe, uniqueness values, cultural diversity European integration and its institutions in the international context Intercultural management and human resources Living... [-]

Bachelor - Management (Logistics, Foreign Trade Management)

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Online September 2017 Ukraine Kiev

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