Bachelor's in Public Health with a major in Health Services Management


Program Description

The Bachelor of Public Health with a concentration in Health Services Management prepares the students to perform successfully in primary and intermediate management in health service organizations. What distinguishes these professionals are their knowledge in the field of public health, in the field of management and integration of both fields. In this way, it will ensure the fine balance between the provision of public health services and organizational and administrative health.

Program Objectives

  • To provide the health industry in both the public and private sectors with the human resources specialized in health services management.
  • To contribute to the training of professionals capable of establishing creative and cost-effective strategies in the search for alternatives that maintain the organization in the desired levels of competence.
  • To prepare professionals with the necessary leadership that will allow them to direct the development and the improvement of the health programs in which they perform.
  • Develop professionals who have collaborative and teamwork skills that can maintain group cohesion and optimal productivity.
  • Develop professionals who have the sensitivity, commitment, and dedication that allows them to establish effective and effective communication.
  • To train professionals who can compete favorably in the health employment marketplace.


General Education Requirements

All applicants must complete the required general education course work prior to starting the concentration courses.

General Education Courses

  • FYIS 101 Induction Seminar to Distance Education 
  • SPAN 101-102 Introduction to Spanish Language – Basic Level or
    SPAN 103-104 Introduction to Spanish Language –Intermediate
  • ENGL 101-102 Introduction to English - Basic Level or
    ENGL 103-104 Introduction to English - Intermediate
  • QUME 250 Quantitative Methods
  • SOSC 101-102 Introduction to Social Science I and II
  • COIS 201 Data Processing
  • PSYC 123 General Psychology (Compendium)
  • SCIE 111-112 Integrated Science I and II
  • HIST 101 Introduction to the Study of History
  • SPAN 215 Writing and Composition
  • ENGL 212 English Second Year Basic Level
  • ENGL 350 Conversational English
  • HUMA 101-102 World cultures I and II

Core Professional Courses 

  • ACCO 111-112 Introduction to Accounting I and II
  • ECON 123 Introduction to Economics (Compendium)
  • ENMA 101 Introduction to Business Development
  • MANA 210 Administrative Theories
  • MANA 213 Human Resources Management
  • MANA 230 Organizational Behavior
  • PUHE 101 Introductions to Public Health and Health Education
  • PUHE 201 Introduction to Biostatistics
  • PUHE 203 Introductions to Epidemiology
  • PUHE 210 Biological Aspects of Human Diseases

Concentration Courses

  • HESM 110 Health Services Management
  • HESM 210 Health Systems & Models
  • HESM 220 Services Planning and Evaluation of Health Services
  • HESM 230 Basic Accounting for the Health
  • HESM 310 Economics of the Health Industry
  • HESM 320 Basic Finance for the Health Industry
  • HESM 330 Legal Aspects in the Health Industry
  • HESM 340 Budgeting for the Health Industry
  • HESM 410 Health Information Systems
  • HESM 420 Special Topics in Health Services
  • HESM 431 Seminar in the Health Services Management

General Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements:

Students applying for the regular undergraduate program must meet the following requirements:

  • High School Graduation Diploma or its equivalent (GED).

Admissions Process – All applicants are required to:

  • Attend an orientation session where the structure, policies, and procedures of the programs offered are discussed.
  • Submit an admission application.
  • Submit academic evidence from previous studies or degrees earned.

Every applicant to the SUAGM institutions in the State of Texas can demonstrate compliance with the admissions requirements related to the prior academic experience and/or achievement by presenting the original of any of the following documents:

  • Evidence of previous credits, courses or studies documenting graduation from secondary school
  • A General Education Diploma (GED) or other diploma or graduation document
  • Certification prepared by a secondary institution or appropriate government agency, board, etc. confirming completion of secondary school or equivalent
  • Grade report

Applicants should present one or more of the original documents to the authorized institutional officer. The officer shall examine the document (s) to corroborate, in his best judgment, that it is original and has no visible alterations. If the applicant cannot leave the original document for his admission record, the officer will make a copy and certify with his initials that it is a copy from the original. In validated cases, the Campus Director or his designated representative may consider the admission of applicants who cannot present the evidence as described above but meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant demonstrates that he/she has no reasonable access to appropriate documentation.
  • The applicant presents a notarized declaration in which the applicant certifies that he meets the requirement of prior studies.
  • The applicant participates in an admission interview (Puente Support Services Program and Nursing Program).
  • The applicant must also complete an interview with the Campus Director or authorized institutional officer to evaluate compliance with the previous requirements.
  • The applicant takes the placement tests in English and Spanish. (Students have previous studies at any of the UAGM campuses in the continental US will be exempt from this requirement). Students should contact the Student Success Center for more specific information.
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