Specific educational goals

Graduates in Fashion and Design should:

  • have adequate basic training (art, history, psycho-sociological, aesthetic, legal, management) on the topics of design and fashion;
  • have relevant methodological and critical tools to acquire skills in expressive languages and techniques used in the design and fashion, from the conception to production, communication, and promotion of the image;
  • be able to use effectively, in written and oral form, at least one European language other than Italian, in the specific field of expertise and to exchange general information;
  • be able to use IT and telecommunication tools in the specific areas of expertise;
  • possess adequate skills for communication and information management;
  • be able to work in a team and to work with defined levels of autonomy.

Career opportunities for graduates

Graduates in Fashion and Design could work in:

  • textile and fashion industry, atelier and professional studios, in production techniques, management, and direction of business;
  • companies, exhibition venues, exhibition companies, advertising agencies, publishing, press offices of fashion businesses;
  • in businesses and institutions that organize cultural events, costume, and fashion shows, as a production manager or consultant;
  • teaching at educational institutions in the disciplines of fashion.

Requirements for access (art. 6 D.M. 509/99)

In order to access the degree course in Fashion and Desing, it is necessary to have a diploma in secondary education or other qualification obtained abroad, legally recognized. A set of specific knowledge is not required. Appropriate tests of basic knowledge may be introduced for all students and, in particular, for those who have followed a curriculum of secondary education that does not deal with all the subjects relevant to their preparation. If the evaluation of the initial preparation is not successful, the student may be admitted with an educational debt. In order to limit the onset of educational debts, the Board of the degree course may provide for the introduction of preparatory educational activities to be carried out before any evaluation test. These activities may also be carried out in collaboration with institutions of higher secondary education, on the basis of appropriate agreements

Final exam

In order to be admitted to the graduation exam, the student must have passed successfully the assessment of the teaching activities. The final examination for the degree consists of a paper regarding the subjects of the degree program; the paper should be developed under the supervision of a professor and the assistance of one or more disciplinary tutors, including at least one member of the degree course. In the evaluation of the final test the quality of the work will be considered, as well as the synthesis ability and the quality of the presentation in the written and oral form of the work.

Program taught in:
  • English

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