Bachelor's degree Business and Economy


Program Description

Specific educational goals

Graduates in Business and Economics should:

  • have an adequate knowledge of economics and adequate mastery of mathematical-statistical tools and principles and institutions of the legal system;
  • know how to deal with the problems of economic systems and of the companies that operate in them;
  • possess a good mastery of the research method, the economic method and the techniques of the different fields of application;
  • acquire the analytical and conceptual tools for the interpretation and solution of economic and management problems, with reference to accounting, finance, and management of services;
  • acquire the tools to develop research in the field of statistics and economics;
  • possess practical and operational skills, for the measurement, detection, and treatment of data relevant to the economic analysis in its various aspects of application;
  • possess an adequate knowledge of the organizational culture of the workplace;
  • be able to use effectively, in written and oral form, at least two EU languages other than Italian, in the specific field of expertise and to exchange general information;
  • possess adequate skills for communication and information management.

Career opportunities for graduates

The main employment areas in which graduates in economics could work are the following:

  • self-employers, as auditors, business consultants, and accountants (following the three-year period of apprenticeship, passing the qualification and enrollment in the professional registers);
  • activity, even management, in banking and finance (banking, insurance, financial market, international financial institutions);
  • activity in economy and services sectors (the public, private and social economy);
  • study centers of banks and financial companies and research centers of national and international organizations;
  • journalism specialized in finance;
  • teaching, according to the laws governing access to teaching.

Requirements for access (art. 6 D.M. 509/99)

To access the degree course in Business and Economics basic knowledge in the disciplines of economics, law, and mathematics is required. It is also particularly important to possess the following skills and attitudes :

  • ability to explain their thoughts clearly and precisely;
  • the ability to process information and attitude to the use of information technologies;
  • attitude and motivation towards economic and legal studies.

Skills, attitudes, and motivations are assessed through the evaluation of the previous school curriculum or by any special tests. Appropriate tests of basic knowledge may be introduced for all students and, in particular, for those who have followed a curriculum of secondary education that does not deal with all the subjects relevant to their preparation. If the evaluation of the initial preparation is not successful, the student may be admitted with an educational debt In order to limit the onset of educational debts, the Board of the degree course may provide for the introduction of preparatory educational activities to be carried out before any evaluation test. These activities may also be carried out in collaboration with institutions of higher secondary education, on the basis of appropriate agreements.

Final exam

The final exam consists of writing and discussing a paper, whose content is agreed with the teacher-supervisor on the basis of the following types of reference:

  • methodological deepening connected to a subject or other educational activities;
  • elaboration of a case study;
  • presentation of a training experience;
  • any other modality as may be specified in the regulation of the course of study.

In the evaluation of the final test the quality of the work will be considered, as well as the synthesis ability and the quality of the presentation in the written and oral form of the work.

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