Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering


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Program Description

  • Development of agile software engineering and freelancing skills.
  • Portfolio building to get you job-ready.
  • Best digital content and an extensive e-library with interactive live workshops.
  • Individual and group support through peer-reviews, action learning sets and mentoring.


Program Overview

With us, you graduate with two professional certifications and a bachelor diploma:

Software Engineer Certificate

Year 1 & 2 | Online

Agile Software Development & Freelancer Certificate

Year 3 | Online

Bachelor of Science Degree

Year 3 | Freelance Project & Online

Why Software Engineering?

Increase Your Freedom of Choice 

Some software engineers work for the world’s top technology companies, others work for themselves. As a software engineer, you can work anywhere in the world and under the terms you want.

Gain a High-Value and a Versatile Skill Set 

Both a designer and a developer, a software engineer is a critical chain to any business. Gain next-generation skills that you can apply in any industry.

Increase Your Job Prospects 

Start a reputable career with endless job opportunities. The demand for software engineers is projected to continue to increase, which means you have a high chance to find a high-paying job when you graduate.


Why This Program? 

Are you tired of endless lectures, exams, and textbooks? At E.L.U., you join a new approach to learning and education that values and empowers the learner. 

Learn Everywhere, Anytime 

With our online program, you can study anywhere in the world. Since our degrees are part-time, you have time to start or continue your professional career while you master software engineering.

Community of Experts 

Online studies are not necessarily lonely. You will have weekly workshops with your course facilitator and live sessions with your mentor and peers.

Build a Portfolio

Increase your practice by working on real projects. Showcase your learning in a strong portfolio that shows you are ready to join the job market.

Become a Trusted Leader

Our courses teach you more than technology. Excel in leadership skills like communication, teamwork, and consultancy.

Enrollment Dates

February, April, June, November

The total duration of the Bachelor Programme is 3 years. | Average course load is 12-20 hours per week.

Program Fee

2900 Euro per year.

Payment Options

Study now and pay later with our Deferred Student Payment Schemes. 

Equip Yourself with the Right Skills

Technical Competencies

  • Agile Front-end and Back-end Programming
  • Analyzing Software Requirements
  • Designing Software and Architecture
  • Developing and Deploying Software
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Ensuring Software Security

Leadership Competencies

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Structured Problem-Solving
  • Team-Playing
  • Self-Awareness
  • Communicating For Impact
  • Trusted Advisor


Year 1: Developing Software Engineering Competencies

  • Module 1: Introduction to Programme and Coding
  • Module 2: Get the Fundamentals
  • Module 3: Get into Software Design and Development

Year 2: Developing Software Engineer Competencies

  • Module 4: Build Hard Stuff 
  • Module 5: End of Year Project 

Year 3: Developing Agile & Freelancing Competencies

  • Module 6: Agile Software Development 
  • Module 7: Establish your Presence as a Free-Lancer
  • Module 8: Connect with an Understand your Clients
  • Module 9: Offer a Solution and Get the Commitment
  • Module 10: Ensure Client Loyalty

Year 3: Completing a Freelance Project

  • Module 11: Put your Freelancing Skills into Real Life

Are you ready to choose your future?

Apply now for a bachelor of science in software engineering.

1. Online application form

This quick form will help us understand whether you meet the basic requirements.

2. Analytical test and Motivation

If your profile is shortlisted, you are invited to an online analytical test and asked to submit a statement of motivation.

3. Selection and Enrolment

Upon enrolment, we will ask for a copy of your undergraduate diploma and transcript, as well as proof of English proficiency.


Who Can Join this Program? 

The Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering is a rigorous, entry-level bachelor’s program. Whether you have 10 years of work experience, or are just getting started, this program will help you gain all the skills you need to start working as a software engineer. This program is suitable if:

  • You are a high-school graduate ready to start a hot job in technology.
  • You are a working professional ready to make your next career move.
  • You have an associate’s degree or had to interrupt your undergraduate education and are now dedicated to getting your bachelor’s degree.
  • You got a taste of coding during a Bootcamp and want to make this your career.
  • You breathe technology.
  • You are both a learner and a mentor.
  • You want to be part of transforming education.


  • An undergraduate degree in Computer Science or a related field;
  • Knowledge of programming (Python preferred) and statistics;
  • Professional experience in the field of IT/technology including software development, engineering, consultancy;
  • If you are unsure whether you meet the prerequisites for the course, please write to us.
Last updated Oct 2020

About the School

A university for dreamers and doers. A university for next-generation, global tech talent. A university to start your future.

A university for dreamers and doers. A university for next-generation, global tech talent. A university to start your future. Read less