Bachelor of Science in Sociology


Program Description

The Sociology major is comprised of 28 – 34 credit hours of course work. To successfully complete their degree, students must complete course work that satisfies UNA’s General Education Requirements and complete an academic minor. Academic concentrations are available but not a requirement for degree completion.

Undergraduate Minors

The Department of Sociology and Family Studies offers three academic minors:

  • Family Studies
  • Sociology
  • Criminology 

Academic Concentrations

The Department of Sociology and Family Studies offers a concentration in Gerontology. This concentration is designed to be completed as part of the normal progression through the electives associated with the Sociology major or minor. Completion of the concentration requirements will be noted on academic transcripts. Although we offer this concentration, it is not a graduation requirement.

Course Rotation Template

The Department of Sociology and Family Studies has created a Course Rotation Template which outlines when courses will be offered on-campus and online for the next two years.


All technical advising is conducted by Dr. Virginia D'Antonio.  She assists students with all advising related to course scheduling and provides all undergraduate advisees with their PINs each term.  She also assists students with course substitutions and degree checkout.

For advising related to graduate school, internships, careers, questions about the content of a specific course, or if you have a specific area of interest within Sociology - please continue to seek out any member of the Sociology and Family Studies faculty. 

Skills Learned in the Sociology Major

Ability to work on a team

Teamwork and collaboration How to work with others toward a common goal, creating a positive working atmosphere and supporting others to combine individual strengths to enhance team performance.

Ability to make decisions and solve problems

Decision-making and problem-solving How to examine the nature of a problem, evaluate alternatives, propose viable solutions, and determine the outcome of the various options.

Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work

Planning and organization How to plan projects, events, and programs; organize information, people or things in a systematic way; ability to establish priorities and meet deadlines.

Ability to communicate effectively with people inside and outside of an organization

Interpersonal skills How to effectively communicate and engage with people from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds; ability to empathize with others; ability to give feedback in a constructive way; ability to resolve conflicts that stem from different perspectives or interests.

Ability to obtain and process information

Analytical skills How to synthesize information and ideas; ability to draw specific conclusions from a set of general observations or from a set of specific facts.

Ability to analyze quantitative data

Research How to find and collect relevant background information; ability to analyze data, summarize findings, and write a report of findings.

Technical knowledge related to the job

Active listening skills and adaptability How to listen and interpret instruction; ability to adapt to new situations and settings and to tolerate change well.

Proficiency with computer software programs

Computer proficiency How to efficiently use word processing, graphics, and multimedia, spreadsheets, and databases.

Ability to create and/or edit written reports

Advanced Writing and editing How to select, interpret, organize, and synthesize key ideas; ability to edit a written text to ensure that the message is clear, concise, and accurate.

Ability to sell and influence others

Customer service skills How to quickly build rapport with clients; ability to ask and respond to questions effectively; ability to make others feel relaxed and build trust.

Career Options

Family, Social and Community Services

Salary range $33,050 – $77,360*

Job Titles: Case Manager; Child/Family Advocate; Family Resource Coordinator; Foster Care or Adoption Professional; Housing Officer; Activity/Recreation Coordinator; Volunteer Coordinator; Youth Services Worker; Crisis/Hotline Worker; Clergy, Pastoral Care.

Policy and Law

Salary range $40,800 – $90,880**

Job Titles: Politician; Juvenile Services Specialist; Probation Officer; Victim Advocate; Foreign Service Officer; Community Organizer.

Education and Training

Salary range $39,600 – $97,160***

Job Titles: Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE); Extension Agent; Family Resource Coordinator; Preschool Teacher; After School Program Worker; Birth to Three Service Coordinator; Adult Education Services Provider.

Communications and Business

Salary range $48,490 – $101,800****

Job Titles: Human Resource Specialist; Family Financial Counselor; Student Affairs Professional; Real Estate Agent; Insurance Broker; Pharmaceutical Sales; Public Relations.


Last updated Aug 2020

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