Bachelor of Management Leadership (Online)


Program Description

A dynamic addition to the spectrum of management programmes on offer is the Bachelor of Management Leadership (BML), aimed at working adult learners. This qualification is based on experiential learning and the assessment and recognition of prior learning. The objective of the BML is to deliver a new generation of formally qualified and innovative managerial leaders equipped to excel in and add value to today's corporate and business environment.

The BML programme has been developed in collaboration with the School for New Learning at De Paul University in Chicago, internationally recognised as a leader in the field of adult and lifelong learning.

The BML programme has a system of continuous assessment, which may include tests, field exercises and reports, teamwork exercises, class participation and presentations, independent projects and dissertations, simulated research applications, consultant reports, and integrated assessment.

BML Programme – NQF 7


We bring the university to your doorstep with a mode of delivery to suit you best.


The programme is offered on campus on a part-time basis. Students attend classes on Fridays from 11:00 to 18:00, or

Online (one intake per year in July)

Except for the Introductory Portfolio Development Course and a few critical modules, the BML is also presented online. During the course, students have online contact with lecturers on a weekly basis. Classes are scheduled after hours. (Please note: Only ONE online intake per annum in July), or


Students attend classes on campus once in a term for a full week. Classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday.


Over and above the rules regarding admission to this university, the following specific entrance requirements must be met:

  • 23 years of age
  • a permanent work appointment
  • an endorsed senior certificate with at least two years' working experience, or
  • a senior certificate with at least two years' working experience, or
  • a Grade 10 certificate with at least five years' working experience, or
  • a certificate with conditional exemption issued by the Matriculation Board, with at least two years' working experience
  • an equivalent qualification, as well as
  • proficiency in English
  • proficiency in Mathematics
  • adequate computer literacy


Learners may gain credit for modules through previous coursework. Requests for credit are considered by a review committee.

Since the BML programme is specifically designed for adult learners, RPL plays a major role in the programme. The first six months of the programme focuses specifically on RPL. At the end of the first semester (and each semester thereafter), all the students are invited to submit their RPL documents.

If a student's prior learning has the same outcomes as a module or modules we have, he or she will get credit for that module. This implies that the student does not have to do that module(s).

In short:

  • We do not do pre-assessment of prior learning for students (because it is an integral part of the programme).
  • All registered students have the opportunity twice a year to apply for credits.
Last updated January 2018

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