Bachelor of Arts in Spanish


Program Description

  • Dr. Alejandra Alvarado-Brizuela
  • Dr. Scott R. Infanger
  • Dr. Andrea F. Nate
  • Dr. Lauren G. Reynolds
  • Dr. Claudia P. Vance

Spanish Conversation Table - Starting in fall 2020.  Beginning Spanish speakers always welcome.  Hope to see you there.

Spanish Tutoring will be available starting in fall 2020.

Requirements for a B.A. degree in Spanish

There are 3 Options in the Spanish Major. All 3 Options must complete the General Education Component as well as the Major Core Requirements. Additional requirements for each of the Options are listed under section C. below. 

Course Credit
A. General Education Component 41
For general education requirements and additional requirements for UNA students, refer to Academic Procedures and Requirements.

Foreign Language majors must complete:
Area III: Mathematics 110 or higher (3)
B. Major Core Requirements:  
SP 101 and SP 102 Introductory Spanish  6
SP 201 and SP 202 Intermediate Spanish 6
SP 350 Conversation and Composition 3
SP 360 Introduction to Hispanic Literature 3
SP 420 Advanced Spanish Grammar 3
SP 495 Senior Thesis 0
FL 498 Senior Seminar* 1


C. Option I: Spanish – Language and Culture  
18 additional hours from 300- or 400-level courses (minimum 9 hours at the 400-level) 18


 For Option I, a minor or second major is required.  
Option II: Spanish for Commerce  
SP 353 Commercial Spanish 3
9 hours at the 400 level, including SP 403W Advanced Spanish for Business 9
6 additional hours from 300 or 400-level courses 6



For Option II, a minor, second major, or second degree in an approved Business program is required.

Option II: Spanish - Literature  
18 hours from the following (minimum 9 hours at 400 level):  
SP 351 Spanish Civilization  
SP 352 Latin American Civilization  
SP 405W Survey of Spanish Literature I  
SP 406W Survey of Spanish Literature II  
SP 410W Survey of Latin American Literature I  
SP 411W Survey of Latin American Literature II  
SP 490 Special Topics in International Studies: Abroad  
SP 499 Independent Study  
Total: 18
For Option III, a minor or second major is required.  
D. General Elective hours, if required, to bring total to 120 hours.  

* Fulfills computer literacy requirement.


Note:  This page is based upon the 2020/2021 UNA Catalog.
Courses and descriptions are subject to change without notice.

Studying and practicing Spanish

BBC Languages - Spanish - This great site will help you study Spanish by letting you assess your proficiency. Then it will tell you which of their materials are appropriate for you. These materials include multimedia conversation exercises and a basic skills introduction/review. Moreover, there is a collection of linguistic blunders, to which you can add your own experiences.

UNA Critical Languages Program

Critical Languages courses, which are facilitated by native-speaker language partners, require a great deal of self-directed study and are consequently best suited for those who, because they have had prior experience learning a foreign language, are better equipped to meet the challenges. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of conversational competency through interaction with the language partner and through use, of course, audio components.

The acquisition of the grammatical apparatus is solely the students’ responsibility. The program is therefore quite demanding and requires a high degree of self-motivation on the part of the student. While language offerings vary from term to term, pending availability of native speakers, courses typically offered include Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Swahili. Other languages may be added based on demand and the availability of native speakers. For more information concerning Critical Languages, please consult the links to the Guidelines document as well as the Critical Languages Syllabus.

Last updated Jul 2020

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