• 10 core courses
  • 20 elective courses
  • 5 Self-Mastery courses plus a Self-Mastery Mentor
  • 5 Impact courses plus an Impact Coach
  • Impact Project with pathway from ideation to manifestation

Requirements: high school / secondary school graduation Length: 40 courses Price: US$12,000 Ubiquity’s digital-first BA degree program is designed to equip you to operate in a hyper-complex world - where the speed of change is increasing exponentially, the interconnectedness of issues is woven ever more tightly, and events anywhere can have dramatic effects everywhere. In eras of change such as ours, business, as usual, is no longer an option. Our commitment is to equip you to be able to thrive in this reality while contributing to a world that works for everyone. In order to achieve that, Ubiquity helps you to develop six core competencies. These competencies are divided into three areas: Knowledge Content (the things you are going to study), Personal Qualities (the dimensions in yourself you are going to develop), and Action in the World (how you engage the world). All of your study and program-related activity at Ubiquity will contribute to the development of these core competencies. Ubiquity is designed along the American Liberal Arts model. This means that students will be able to study a broad range of subjects and then select an area in which to develop a specialization. We encourage students to explore a range of subjects after they have completed the required core courses every student must take. The Ubiquity design means that as a student you will able to completely personalize your undergraduate degree - putting together a collection of courses that you want for the concentration you need. You can choose if you want a custom-designed personalized BA or a BA with a specific concentration recommended by the University. The first University recommended concentration will be in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. You can see the courses and faculty that will enable you to complete a BA in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Other concentrations will be added as the university develops. As you develop your concentration, you will be able to draw from courses outside Ubiquity. You can take MOOC courses that are of interest to you, for example, and transfer them into Ubiquity toward a degree for a minimal fee of $100. You can also transfer courses you have taken in the past from other universities for free. Ubiquity’s assessment system will enable you to demonstrate competencies in the areas you study and get credits for what you demonstrate. This means that the entire world of education is accessible to you. A Ubiquity BA program is composed of 30 study courses (30%), 5 Impact courses and an Impact Project (30%) and 5 Self-Mastery courses and your Self-Mastery project (30%). The remaining 10% is for collaboration, as demonstrated in the online interaction, creative assignments, and Impact Project. The study courses are made up of three main groups: Core Courses – this is a set of ten courses that you take before you move on to explore more. Major Concentration – this is the subject in which you choose to go deeper during your time at Ubiquity. We are currently planning to eventually offer fifteen subjects. In your subject area, you take at least ten courses from a selection on offer. The first concentration available is in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Elective Courses – these are up to ten courses that you choose from any of the other General Education courses on offer through Ubiquity. This is your chance to create your very own personalized degree, making the combinations that suit you. Self-Mastery The self-mastery component cuts across all of your study and time at Ubiquity. You are required to take at least 5 self-mastery related courses to support the development of your practice over the course of your degree. It may be that you already have a certain practice for self-mastery that you just want to continue developing, which is fine. You will then report on that practice in the reports discussed below. The self-mastery modules on the Ubiquity platform are opportunities for you to explore different practices and find approaches that work for you. Each week you are expected to post a Self-Mastery Reflection that describes the self-mastery work you have done the last week. Your Self-Mastery Mentor will briefly review these posts. Each trimester you also submit a Self-Mastery report that documents (in writing, video or audio) how your self-mastery practice has developed over the trimester, your experience of its impact, and how it relates to your studies and Impact change project. This self-mastery report will be assessed by your Mentor and you will receive personalized feedback on it. Your Mentor will be available to you throughout your time at Ubiquity, to support you when needed and help you to make your study choices. Impact Project The Impact! program supports you to go from the phase of coming up with a great idea for creating positive change (in the form of a social enterprise or change project) right through to implementation, income, and impact. About half-way through you can apply for micro-financing to test out your ideas. A comprehensive set of learning resources is available and there are also be a number of quizzes to help test your understanding - if you pass, you will unlock badges to add to your profile! You are required to take at least 5 Impact-related courses to support you in the development of your project. At a number of moments during the program, you are asked to submit pieces of work for feedback that help you to develop your project. As in a course, you join a Pod with a small number of other students, which is supervised by your Impact Coach. When you submit assignments, you will get feedback from your Coach, as well as from other students in the program.

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  • English

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