Bachelor of Applied Information Technology


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Program Description

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Course description

The La Trobe University Bachelor of Applied Information Technology provides an excellent, generalist education in information technology (IT), and the opportunity to explore focus areas in information systems, software development, computer networks, and web development.

The learning structure enables you to complete your course as a full-time online student, or combine online part-time studies with work commitments.

This course has an applied focus and includes IT industry Vendor Certifications that are relevant and desirable to potential employers. Graduates with applied qualifications not only have the skills and knowledge from a university education, but the practical thinking to apply them in industry.

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Three qualifications in one degree

La Trobe University online applied degrees provide you with the unique opportunity to achieve up to three qualifications over the duration of your studies. Subject to satisfactorily completing each part of your course, you will be awarded an applied diploma (end year 1), an applied associate degree (end year 2), and an applied bachelor degree when you complete all three years. Your potential earning capacity increases as you progress through your course.

Year 1

After completing year 1 of your degree, you will be awarded an Applied Diploma, should you decide to exit your degree at this point. You can add this qualification to your résumé and move forward with your career plans or embrace the option to continue your studies while you work.

Exit with

Diploma of Applied Information Technology

Expected income


Year 2

Successful completion of year 2 will increase your chances of a higher-paying position with an applied qualification that employers are looking for. However, you are now well over halfway to your applied bachelor degree so why not continue to study while staying employed?

Exit with

Associate Degree of Applied Information Technology

Expected income


Year 3

Congratulations! You have completed your qualification. Your applied bachelor degree greatly improves the opportunities available to you. A qualification of this level greatly enhances your résumé and says a great deal about you. Not only will you be armed with the job-ready skills and knowledge that employers are desperate for, but you also show you can stay focused to achieve a goal.

Exit with

Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

Expected income


Course learning outcomes

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs) are brief statements defining what students are expected to demonstrate they know and can do by the end of a course.

  • Write reports that concisely communicate technical and business requirements to peers, company stakeholders, and business communities consistent with professional standards.
  • Conduct engaging oral presentations that clearly communicate technical and business requirements to a variety of audiences, including colleagues, and stakeholders in both the IT and general communities.
  • Analyse and evaluate numerical data and evidence from business and scientific reports and journals to make recommendations to peers, scientific and non-scientific audiences consistent with professional standards.
  • Demonstrate research and information literacy skills to locate, interrogate and evaluate relevant business-related literature to develop specifications for business information systems projects.
  • Propose and analyze strategies for solving real-life business system problems and/or challenges in other fields of study.
  • Implement and evaluate solutions to unfamiliar, constructed and real-world business and technical problems consistent with professional standards.
  • Contribute constructively in a team using team-building, self-assessment, negotiation and communication skills to complete professional projects.
  • Demonstrate awareness of appropriate social, legal, and ethical values that shape the work of an ICT professional.
  • Apply fundamental information system design concepts and computer-based techniques to solve business and/or related problems in the chosen field of study and practice.

Career opportunities

This course has been designed with a high employability focus in the exciting world of IT. Graduates will fit roles that bridge the gap between technical and management personnel. Career opportunities include:

  • Systems Analyst
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Database Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Strategist
  • Systems Marketer

Should you choose to exit at diploma level (end of year 1), you will have entry-level skills to commence work in the IT industry roles such as Help-desk and Web Support. If you exit at the associate degree level (end of year 2), you will have additional industry certified skills.

The integration of Vendor Certification provides you with required industry skills to support underpinning technical knowledge.

Course costs

Your international degree fees are $21,000 AUS per year.

Last updated Jul 2020

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