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Why a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing?

In a global and highly competitive age, companies need to set themselves apart and acquire specialized human resources. This need increases the search for highly qualified professionals with advanced marketing knowledge, strong skills in problem-solving and strategic and creative thinking.

London School of Design and Marketing's Bachelor in Marketing will be a major step in your career, providing you with three key tools:

  • Knowledge: acquiring strong knowledge regarding concepts, tools, models, and practices;
  • Skills: ability to create, plan, implement and lead successful projects;
  • Attitude: development of personal key features, such as strategic thinking, methodology, autonomy, flexibility, and confidence.

LSDM's Bachelor's degree in Marketing is exclusively online and is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Our Bachelor in Marketing has been conceived for those who wish to acquire new skills, knowledge in Marketing, promoting management and marketing solutions and propositions. Our course's strategic and creative thinking take the leading edge in marketing management, providing LSDM's students with the knowledge and understanding of marketing practices in corporate contexts. Its highly practical component will allow LSDM's students to create a framework of marketing management strategies, and analysis and evaluation processes and techniques.

Learning Skills

Our Bachelor in Marketing prepares professionals for several areas of marketing and management, offering an advanced and comprehensive higher education, coordinated and supported by the latest developments in the scientific and technological fields. The course plan for LSDM's Bachelor's degree in Marketing has been developed and divided into 3 separate stages:

Stage 1

The first stage, which corresponds to the first year of our course, aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of concepts, tools, and models, as well as of the respective interrelations in the key areas of marketing knowledge. In this stage, LSDM's students are expected to be able to define business concepts and problems related to marketing management as well as apply research tools and methods. In general, the following skills will be developed:

  • Deep understanding of the concept of marketing, its reach and relevance nowadays;
  • Integration and understanding of current management models, based on the DDA (Diagnostic, Decision, Action) trilogy;
  • The identification of windows of opportunity, based on a solid diagnostic;
  • The balance of diagnostic and marketing strategy;
  • Calibration and strategy decision-making, articulating goals, segmentation, focus, positioning, and marketing-mix;
  • Plans of action focused on execution principles, centered on the satisfaction of individuals and organizations and at the same time consistent with the environment and corporate goals.

Stage 2

The second stage, which corresponds to the second year of our course, aims to provide LSDM's students with skills which will help them plan, lead and conclude projects applied to the previously acquired knowledge. In this stage, LSDM's students will develop research skills and will be able to build reports on data, ideas, findings and/or recommendations, prepare quality presentations, use statistic tools to collect, analyze and interpret data, use opportunities for personal development and experiment new ideas and behaviors.

Stage 3

The third stage, which corresponds to the third year of our course, aims to establish the knowledge acquired in previous course units and progress with self-confidence, realism, and entrepreneurship. In this stage, LSDM's students will develop their final course project through the following skills:

  • Flexibility: ability to manage different projects and perspectives;
  • Confidence: faith in their own skills and performance;
  • Realism: making a quick assessment of their own skills;
  • Entrepreneurship: ability to develop and sell an idea, product or business;
  • Having an open mind and international thinking, developing a proactive behavior.

Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff is composed of qualified, experienced and reputable teachers. Besides the Doctorate level academic degree, they present well-established professional careers, connecting the academic component with the job market.

Tutor Centre

LSDM's students are supervised on a weekly basis through a Tutor Centre composed of a team of specialized tutors in Marketing, with Master's degrees and several years of proven experience. Our Tutor Centre is also available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Targets and Professionals Outlets

Our Bachelor's Degree in Marketing is intended for students, professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs with ambition or an established career in the marketing industry. The students of our Bachelor in Marketing will have the opportunity to work in communication agencies, companies in several sales areas or responsible for developing products or services, market studies, digital marketing and advertising, taking on the role of marketing managers, creatives, client managers, business managers, among others.


Our Bachelor's degree in Marketing is 100% online, designed for learning in accordance with our students' availability, without a fixed timetable. In other words, LSDM's students can define when or where they can access our contents. Only the final assignments and specific presentations will be scheduled in a fixed timetable, which will be reported in due time to LSDM's students.

In about 30 months, LSDM's students will have completed our Bachelor's in Marketing accredited by the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), one of the top specialized universities in the United Kingdom.

Teaching and learning methods used in this course:

  • Taught in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Course with 3 levels and a total of 26 curricular units;
  • The units’ content is asynchronous and organised by weekly topics;
  • You can access to the content whenever and wherever you want;
  • Our Tutor Centre functions as a support and interaction tool for our students;
  • Online resources (such as lectures, seminars and discussions, tutorials and feedback sessions, forums, online discussion groups and practical exercises).

Program taught in:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

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