Bachelor in Corporate and Homeland Security


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Program Description

Mercy College's Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate and Homeland Security Management is a 4-year degree offered through the School of Business. It is the first undergraduate degree of its kind, designed to provide a comprehensive background for students interested in pursuing professional managerial careers in the private or public sectors where business and security skills coexist.

The B.S. degree in Corporate and Homeland Security Management offers students a cutting-edge degree: one which speaks to the expanding and dynamic role that security now plays in virtually every business and government career.

Corporate and Homeland Security Fast Facts

  • Coursework focusing on the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
  • Emphasis on team building within a dynamic environment.
  • Internships with agencies securing the country.
  • Gain a multidisciplinary degree by taking courses in business and security concepts.

Program Outcomes

By the end of this program, students should be able to:

  • Explain general emergency management, business management, and budgetary principles, as they relate to private and public sector security operations and disaster preparedness.
  • Describe the social, economic, and legal aspects of corporate and homeland security management in today’s complex world.
  • Conduct a risk assessment and analyze the threat of terrorism on business both domestically and globally.
  • Act ethically, as it relates to business management.
  • Use technology with regards to information management.
  • Communicate knowledge of security-related information effectively through written and oral formats.
  • Apply mitigation and preparedness skills in response to natural and manmade disasters.
  • Articulate the role of the National Incident Management System in collaborating and integrating resources to respond to, manage, and recover from national emergencies.
  • Function effectively as team members and, where appropriate, as team leaders.

Corporate and Homeland Security B.S. Curriculum

General Liberal Arts and Sciences
General Education Requirements 60 Credits

ECON 210, 230, SOCL 101, 212, and PSYN 101 are prerequisites for the major and must be used to fulfill general education requirements

Major Concentration
  • Core 21 Credits
  • Concentration Courses 24 Credits
  • Open Electives 15 Credits
Total of 120 Credits

Students who choose the major concentration in Corporate and Homeland Security must complete:

Corporate and Homeland Security Core
  • CHSC 120 Investigative Tech & Reporting
  • CHSC 140 Intro to Homeland Security
  • CHSC 235 Foundations Risk Management
  • CHSC 245 Legal Aspects Security Management
  • IASP 230 Introduction to Cybersecurity or IASP 330 Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • MGMT 225 Principles of Management
  • MGMT 255 Info Systems for Management
Corporate and Homeland Security *
  • CHSC 315 Terrorism
  • CHSC 325 Person/Physical Property Security
  • CHSC 345 Corporate Security/National Infrastructure
  • CHSC 350 Security Crisis Management
  • CHSC 435 Advanced Risk Management
  • CHSC 445 Homeland Defense Structure/National Incd Management
  • MGMT 340 Organizational Behavior
  • SOCL 255 Managing Human Conflict I
Open Electives

Any five courses

* There is a 15-credit residency requirement in the major concentration of Corporate and Homeland Security, which must be satisfied by Corporate and Homeland Security (CHSC) courses.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may seek positions such as public safety (Police/Fire/EMS), criminal justice, emergency management, federal law enforcement, government service (local, state, federal), cybersecurity, national security intelligence, U.S. defense and armed forces, and corporate security.

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