Bachelor International Business Communication (BA)


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Program Description

With the AKAD study program " International Business Communication " you lay the foundation for your career as an expert in business- related communication. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the distance learning program qualifies you for various occupational fields. Examples include: education, training, corporate communications, human resources, marketing, PR, translation and interpretation, quality, process and diversity management. As an expert in international business communications, you can use this degree flexibly in these and many other areas.

Your study structure

The AKAD distance learning program " International Business Communication - Bachelor of Arts " comprises three consecutive sections:

  • Preliminary courses: Updating the language skills (only for students without a high school diploma).
  • Semester 1 to 5: Here you will acquire basic knowledge in economics, language and cultural sciences and important methods of scientific work. In addition, you will acquire valuable key qualifications, including in the areas of communication, text analysis and text production. In addition, you complete a project-related module, which you conclude with a practical report.
  • Semester 6: Here you choose a specialization that suits your interests. Prepare yourself individually for your Bachelor's thesis and focus on your degree.

To apply your acquired scientific know-how directly in practice, you will complete an internship during your studies (9 weeks, at least 35 attendance days). Alternatively, you can work for the same amount of time.

By the way: As an AKAD student, you have the opportunity to spend a three-week study visit in Sacramento: With the California Campus Program!


  • Personnel management PER42
  • Marketing Management MKG41
  • Business language French FWS02
  • Business language Spanish SWS02


Perspectives for Active - Distance Learning International Business Communication - Bachelor of Arts opens horizons

Various developments in the global as well as national economy require an ever greater understanding of international contexts: the increasing globalization of markets, the associated international orientation of companies and the interdependence of authorities and organizations. Language and communication are as important in successful business relationships as sound business know-how. Special key qualifications such as intercultural competence and management techniques guarantee the success of a company today.

With the degree " International Business Communication - Bachelor of Arts " you, as an AKAD graduate, acquire precisely these competencies. In short, the degree program combines economics, language and cultural studies as well as key qualifications - as a graduate, you are thus an expert in all areas of intercultural business communication.

Semester Overview

Semester 1

  • Key qualifications for study and work
  • Business communication
  • Economics compact
  • Basics of Business Administration
  • Basics of economics

Semester 2

  • Introduction to communication science
  • German language
  • project management
  • English for business and economics
  • marketing management

Semester 3

  • Text analysis and text production
  • General translation English / German
  • Leadership of employees
  • Organization and international management
  • Production and material management
  • human Resource management

Semester 4

  • Introduction to information technology
  • Studies of Anglo-Saxon countries
  • Foundations of intercultural management
  • English for professional purposes C2
  • European economy

Semester 5

  • Text analysis and text production
  • Translating general language texts English / German
  • project module

Semester 6 and specialization

compulsory module

  • Final exam Bachelor thesis, oral exam (colloquium)

Your choices and opportunities

In the sixth semester you choose your own personal specialization:

  • human Resource management
  • marketing management
  • Business language French
  • Business language Spanish

Your seminar events

Voluntary seminars: orientation workshop 2 days, technical seminar 14 days, topic seminar 1 day, online tutorial in 10-15 modules of 2 hours each

Mandatory Seminars: Colloquium

Your BA at AKAD: digital, independent of time and place

AKAD University - the pioneer in the digital, time and place-independent bachelor degree program

Organize your studies according to your individual professional and private situation. Get the most out of your learning type! With the digital AKAD study model you can acquire a bachelor's degree during your working life , so you are flexible , individual and efficient :

The AKAD Campus is the central hub for your Bachelor's degree. At any time and on the move, you can use your study documents online. Plan exams very flexibly and exchange information with your fellow students and professors. Would you like to know how close you have come to your Bachelor's degree? A look at the AKAD Campus is enough! With the AKAD study model as a working student successful for a Bachelor's degree:

  • Distance learning: practice-oriented, up-to-date and clearly structured study materials. Time and place independent. For home and on the go!
  • Distance E-Learning: efficient learning through digital learning methods: online exercises, online coaching and web-based training. So that the contents sit safely!
  • Interactive e-learning: personally by tutors and in direct exchange with fellow students. Additional skills that you can use profitably in your job!
  • Seminars (optional): complementary to the virtual forms of learning. Immediately apply what you have learned in concrete professional issues!

admission requirements

You have a vocational training with several years of professional experience or high school diploma or Fachhochschulreife? Then you can easily join the distance learning program International Business Communication at AKAD. Also a study without Abitur is possible. At the beginning of your studies, you must have proof of English language skills at C1 level. If you are not sure what your previous experience is, you can take an online test that will be evaluated immediately. You can deepen your knowledge of English with a corresponding preparatory course at AKAD.

What exactly awaits you in Distance Learning International Business Communication - Bachelor of Arts?

The study letter BA_International_Business_Communication_IKM103 from the distance learning program "International Business Communication" deals with specific questions of intercultural communication and intercultural management. After successfully completing the study letter, you can, among other things, describe key personality traits that are required for a successful international assignment. They learn to define the term "interculture" correctly and how it arises.

Professor Dieter Huber gives you an insight into the conditions of intercultural learning processes and methods for the education of intercultural competence in this study letter of your Bachelor-Distance study "International Business Communication".

The excerpt of the study letter contains:

  1. Intercultural communication
  2. Phases of (inter) cultural adaptation

Convince yourselves: The AKAD Campus with its flexible , individual and efficient study model makes it easy for you to access all the contents of the study letters: You learn where and when you want, and combine your extra-occupational study with your individual time resources - all the way upon need.

Our offer to you: Test your Bachelor's distance learning at AKAD University 4 weeks free of charge . If you have any questions about studying extra-occupationally, please contact our friendly and qualified AKAD student advisory service at 0711 81495-400, we look forward to hearing from you!

Last updated Mar 2020

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Die AKAD-Gruppe versteht sich als innovativer Bildungsanbieter im Fernstudium. Mit staatlich und international anerkannten Studienabschlüssen sowie durch Weiterbildung auf hohem Niveau tragen wir zum persönlichen und beruflichen Erfolg unserer Kunden bei. Read less
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