Bachelor of Fitness Economics

The sports industry is booming. The strong demand for fitness offerings and the rapid development in fitness-related markets, such as health and nutrition, play a major role in this. Like most sectors of the economy, the fitness industry is currently heavily influenced by increasing digitization, with companies and employees facing exciting and challenging tasks, such as training in virtual reality.

Are you ready to revolutionize the fitness world? We deliver a balanced program of the latest scientific findings and a wealth of industry know-how in our distance education.

Our bachelor program Fitness Economics prepares you for a future career in this exciting industry with a balanced mix of general business content and expertise in the areas of fitness, marketing, sales, legal and human resources.

Accredited degree

All current programs of IUBH are accredited by the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation).

An accreditation is only pronounced if a study program fulfills all qualitative requirements in terms of content and structure.

The FIBAA is a kind of TÜV for academic education, which checks the quality of Bachelor and Master programs on behalf of the Accreditation Council. The accreditation is renewed every five (first accreditation) or seven (re-accreditation) years - a guarantee for the quality of our teaching.

For courses of exceptional quality, FIBAA awards its premium seal. Five courses at the IUBH have already been awarded this special seal. The IUBH is thus one of the leading universities in Germany with five or more premium seals.

Your future career in fitness economics

As a graduate of our course in fitness economics you will be able to help shape fundamental and changes and take on leadership roles in the diverse growth markets of fitness, sports, lifestyle, fashion, health, wellness, nutrition and more. Your specific tasks include, among other things, the procurement of new training equipment and customer acquisition through appropriate advertising measures.

To do this you need to keep a close eye on the fitness market in order to react quickly to new trends and to be able to consider customer wishes. In addition, you optimize the organization, do personal and marketing matters and build a professional sales system.

Course Overview

In the distance study fitness economy you will be taught primarily scientific basics, professional methodological knowledge as well as integrative subjects. In addition to the basics of fitness management and fitness markets, we provide you with in-depth knowledge in the areas of event management, basics of training and nutrition and franchising in practice. The particularly relevant topics of marketing, personnel management and digitalization run through all semesters. In the fifth and sixth semester, you also have the opportunity to take a total of three elective courses.

Our bachelor's degree program has a modular structure, ie you study on the basis of subject areas that are divided into so-called "modules". Within these modules, there are sometimes an introductory course and a specialization course, which systematically prepare you for completing this module. Within the modules, you will receive credits for every successful graduation (European Credit Transfer System) that documents your achievements. These ECTS credits are internationally comparable and of course recognized.


In the fifth and sixth semester, you choose your three specializations amounting to 30 ECTS. For this you opt for at least one specialization ("compulsory specializations") in the field of fitness economics and at most two functional and sector specialization ("Wahlspezialisierung").

Some exemplary election specializations are:

  • Sport management
  • Sports Media Management
  • Advanced Leadership
  • market Psychology
  • Human Resources Specialization
  • Social Media Marketing II

study models

Adapt your distance learning to your life.

You can complete our bachelor's degree in both full-time and two part-time variations. In terms of content, these models are identical, but with the part-time variants, your weekly learning time is reduced.

The part-time study is particularly suitable for those who already have a high workload or who want to reduce their monthly costs.



In full-time study you can choose the maximum number of courses per semester. If you do not finish your studies in the designated time, the study is extended for another 18 months. During this time you can use all offers of distance learning as before free of charge. If you notice that you have less time than expected, you can switch to a different time model with a period of 3 months to the end of the month.

part time


Part-time studies reduce your monthly tuition. At the same time, the number of courses you can choose per semester is also decreasing.

If you can not finish your degree within the designated time, your studies will be extended for another 18 months. During this time you can use all offers of distance learning as before free of charge. If you notice that you have more time than expected, you can switch to a different time model with a period of 3 months to the end of the month.

Program taught in:
  • German

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Last updated May 14, 2019
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