Bachelor Degree in Graphics, Specialisation: Multimedia, 3D Graphics, Game Art and Visual Communication


Program Description

Think creatively, develop solutions, respond to change, be innovative, entertain and inspire! Graphic Design bachelor degree programs offer a broad experience of graphic design with the opportunity to specialize in one of three pathways: Visual Communication and Multimedia, Photography, Computer Game Art, and Design. We aim to encourage an open-minded, flexible and exploratory approach to design within a supportive learning environment. You will be introduced to key areas of communication design, building your design confidence through individual and team projects. Through a range of workshops and lectures, you will achieve skills in areas such as multimedia design, typography, branding, printmaking, motion design. The educators are nationally recognized artists. Let’s go back in time to the year 1972. In the German Federal Republic, Summer Olympic Games were happening, “The Godfather” entered the cinemas, and Michael Jackson recorded his first solo album “Got to be there”. That very same year, the Atari company launched the game Pong, which initiated the spectacular growth of the games industry. 45 years later, we have the eighth generation of games. The global market for computer games is worth more than 90 billion dollars, and its value is constantly increasing. To produce one position it often takes the amount of 100 million dollars. Poland also contributes widely to the development of the game market, which is one of the most innovative areas of Polish creative industry. In 2015 Polish games like The Witcher by CD Projekt and Dying Light by Techland from Wroclaw, were released and next releases are announced to come. The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz prepared a unique offer for future 3D artists. Unlike many other universities, AHE offers an artistic approach to designing virtual space and computer game elements. In the course of 3D graphics and game art studies, subjects of 3D modeling and animation, video and audio editing, digital painting, work in Autodesk 3Dmax and Adobe Creative Cloud are approached. These unique courses in the new specialization are precisely tailored to meet the needs of an emerging market: Game art – design block: designing the game as a whole, post-production and special effects; Environment and character design - 3D modeling, scenography, characters, level design; Graphic design in games – interface. Adepts of the 3D graphics and game art specialty at the University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, learn how to create an artistic graphic design, environment scenography, characters (based on digital painting, concept art), design and make designed elements with 3D programs, and using appropriate modeling techniques. Graduates will find a job in graphic teams, advertising agencies, architecture companies and - of course - in the computer gaming industry. According to the expected direction of development of the gaming industry that the artistic approach to virtual spaces and high-quality graphic design will be a very important factor in their popularity and financial success. The offer of the University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz is a response to the needs of students interested in the computer games design, but instead of rigid programming approach, AHE puts emphasis on creativity and artistry which is unique in Europe.

The purpose of studies

Education in the field of 3D graphics, with special emphasis on real-time rendering and multimedia applications.

Issues covered by the programme:

  • structure of the multimedia application.
  • types of games/entertainment; historical view.
  • pre-production (game design). From the idea of the creation of a design document (design doc); drawing concept; blueprint – rules and differences.
  • production process (pipeline) of the project as a whole and production processes of each department. Types of structure of the team and management models. Career paths and specialization within the teams.
  • user interface design (UI). Examples. Implementation.

creating a model :

  • tools and methods of modeling
  • low poly modeling (tools, methods, topology of the net – loop flow)
  • UV mapping (UV layout, skinning, etc.)
  • texturing (types of textures, digital painting, the use of photography, seamless textures, procedural materials)
  • sculpt tools and 3D painting tools
  • normal banking
  • retopology of the net

shading :

  • philosophy of the work with shaders, the theory of the shaders, and the principles of their construction
  • ways to prepare of shaders for two types of engines (PBR and specular)
  • workflow (texturing) for each of types
  • rig and animation. Types, use
  • special effects (VFX) – particle systems
  • rendering (effects of postproduction in real-time rendering)

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About the School

The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz was established in 1993. It is the largest non-public institution of higher education in Poland. In 2007, the University gained the right to award Ph ... Read More

The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz was established in 1993. It is the largest non-public institution of higher education in Poland. In 2007, the University gained the right to award PhDs in the following subjects: linguistics in the department of humanities, information technology in the department of technical sciences and visual arts in the department of fine arts. Read less