Bachelor Degree in environmental management and protection


Program Description

It is now widely accepted that human health and well-being depend on the quality of the environment that is subject to daily pressures of anthropogenic origin. Sustainable management of natural resources, the development of decontamination technologies, the use of renewable energy sources and the development of appropriate methodologies are just some of the issues required for proper environmental management.

The postgraduate program "Management and Protection of the Environment", Using an interdisciplinary approach and the methodology of open and distance learning, aspires to contribute to the promotion of the environment at the social and state level and to transfer to its students the high-level know-how necessary for environmental management. The aim is to seek both management and technical solutions, as well as protecting the environment from misconduct.

Who is interested in the postgraduate program "Management and Protection of the Environment"?

The Postgraduate Program of Studies "Management and Protection of the Environment" is addressed to:

  • Graduates in environmental related subjects, especially graduates of the University or Technology Sector in Forestry, Agriculture, Biology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Engineering.
  • Employees in public services relating to the environment
  • Employees in non-governmental environmental organizations
  • Other graduates with wider interests in environmental issues and environmental management

What can I do with a Master in "Environmental Management and Protection"?

  • To use widely accepted tools and techniques to solve environmental problems.
  • Since your first degree provides you with the relevant formal right, the Master's degree will give you the essential opportunity to work as a designer, by conducting environmental impact studies or by designing applications such as photovoltaic plants and wind farms.
  • Apply modern methods of environmental assessment and protection.
  • To acquire the skills for dealing with the environment at the research level.
  • Use a multidisciplinary approach to addressing complex environmental problems.
  • Combine your work experience with modern trends in environmental management and protection.

Structure of the Program

The Postgraduate Program "Management and Protection of the Environment" has two (2) specialization directions:

  1. Energy and Pollution
  2. Management of Terrestrial Ecosystems

The program includes two compulsory thematic modules:

  • "Management and Protection of Natural Resources"
  • "Methodology and Techniques of Environmental Research"

With the successful completion of these two compulsory courses, the students choose one of the following selected thematic units, depending on the direction of their specialization:

  • Energy and Pollution
  • Management and Protection of Terrestrial Ecosystems

Additionally, in order to acquire the postgraduate degree, Master's dissertation is required in order to be selected, after consultation and with the cooperation of the teachers of the program.

Therefore, the prerequisites for obtaining the postgraduate title are as follows: (1) successful attendance and examination in three (3) Thematic Modules (2) successful master's thesis preparation.

Each student can choose from one to two subjects per academic year. The course starts at the beginning of October and ends in June, when the final written exam is conducted.

Admission Requirements

For admission to the postgraduate program, it is necessary to have a degree from a recognized higher education institution. As well as for the study of all curricula of the Open University of Cyprus, given the nature of distance learning, prerequisite is the familiarity with computers and the ability to use e-mail and the internet.

Applicants should additionally:

  1. They are graduates of University or Technological Fields of Forestry, Agriculture, Biology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Topographers, Electrical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Architects, Mechanical Engineers and Related Sciences from a recognized Higher Education Institution Or the rest of the world
They have a very good knowledge of English : The Master's is widely used in scientific literature in English (scientific articles and books). It is therefore necessary for students to have English-language comfort to study such texts and lectures. Particularly in the preparation of their dissertation, students will mainly use English bibliography. Students will not be required to produce written or spoken language in English.


Applications for admission to the academic year 2017-2018 Can be submitted by interested parties From 6 July to 5 September. Applications can only be submitted electronically, via the APIKY website, to the following link: Https://

Last updated Mar 2020

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