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Bachelor Economics computer science

The Bachelor in Economics computer science (B.Sc.) in distance learning IUBH with its combination of business administration and applied computer science makes you out to experts in high-demand IT sector.

Our distance learning adapts flexibly to your everyday situation. We have no restrictions, fixed enrollment or occupied places. Our tutors are you always on hand.

All students who enroll, will also receive an iPad Mini Retina *. Thus you have your scripts, instructional videos, and podcasts always. * Action dependent on the period, see

Facts about the distance learning Bachelor (B.Sc.) Economics computer science

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Duration of study: either 6, 8 or 12 semesters
  • Language: German
  • TESTS: 4-6 exams per semester, store at 36 study centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland or worldwide through 130 Goethe Institutes. Even purely online based possible!
  • SAMPLE PROGRAM: free 4 week trial
  • EXTENSION: free of charge
  • ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: (technical) high school or completed master's certificate or a minimum 2-year training program with 3 years of professional experience.
  • ACCREDITATION: FIBAA, ZFU (registration number 154113)
  • STUDY START: at any time


Businessman working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new Coals Wirtschaftsinformatiker / -in You make the interface between business and information technology companies. You plan and develop operational information and communications systems, these uses and wait it. For this, you are analyzing both the internal organizational structures and existing IT systems of companies and public administration.

By Your business management and IT-specific knowledge you are able specialist and managerial positions in numerous companies in various industries, including telecommunications, distribution, consulting, hardware and software, data mining and more exercise. Since virtually all companies take IT-based systems to complete, this study is the first choice for management and tech-savvy people.

Due to the ever increasing demands on internal and cross-company software and IT infrastructure solutions, but also by the growing demand, products or services online or interactive and multimedia mapping to business data in very high demand delight.

Requirements for Studies

The distance learning Bachelor (B.Sc.) Economics computer science is basically open admission. From your side of only one university admission is thus required for enrollment.

Studying with (specialized) Abitur

As an applicant with a university entrance qualification (Abitur) or technical college (technical high school) you can enter immediately and without entrance examination into the undergraduate studies at the IUBH.

Studying without Abitur

Even without (technical) high school is an entry possible if you bring the following experience:

  • An at least two years of vocational training and
  • at least three years of professional experience.

Also a master's certificate or a career advancement (z. B. as IHK Fachwirt / in) entitle the holder to study start.

trial Course

A sample program (which is not to be confused with the free four-week trial study for all students) is necessary! Do you know high school does not have a (professional) and your education / occupation has no business background, or the focus of your training / professional activity not specifically apply to one of our undergraduate programs. That would be the case if you had trained as a chef, mechanic or educators. If this training has to be at least two years and you furthermore verfügst over three years' experience, an entry by sample study in the Bachelor's degree program of your choice is possible.

This includes the first three semesters of study and ends automatically when this time two-thirds of the planned courses or Modules are successfully completed. You study then continues regularly.

Details concerning the authorization Feel free to refer to our study examination regulations. Or, even better, you set yourself with our study counseling in conjunction, the like described you the possibilities of studying without school.

By the way: Request Free Info Now material and get a surprise!

Last updated Jan 2017

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Hier bekommst Du einen Eindruck davon, wer hinter der IUBH steckt, welche Ziele wir verfolgen und warum Du darauf vertrauen kannst, dass Du in uns einen kompetenten Partner für Dein Fernstudium findes ... Read More

Hier bekommst Du einen Eindruck davon, wer hinter der IUBH steckt, welche Ziele wir verfolgen und warum Du darauf vertrauen kannst, dass Du in uns einen kompetenten Partner für Dein Fernstudium findest. Als staatlich anerkannte und akkreditierte private Hochschule mit über 150 Mitarbeitern und Professoren und rund 10.000 Studierenden bieten wir seit über zehn Jahren erfolgreich Bachelor- und Masterabschlüsse auf höchstem Niveau an. Read less