Bachelor Applied psychology (bsc)


Program Description

The newly designed distance learning course for Bachelor of Applied Psychology (B. Sc.) Offers a particularly practical and interdisciplinary psychological training. You get not only the content and methodological expertise in the field of psychology, but also in-depth expertise in the areas of health and economy.
This bachelor's degree program is aimed at all those who occupy the various professional fields outside of clinical psychotherapy (want) (see fields of application), in which are profound psychological expertise and knowledge of business administration and health sciences advantageous.

Key qualifications

The degree program for Bachelor of Applied Psychology (B. Sc.) Gives you a thoughtful Wissensmix from the fields of applied psychology, health and economy. Depending on which of the selectable from you professional depression you decide you qualify for various future-oriented occupations and improve your professional or A Career opportunities sustainably.
The program is created deliberately broad and therefore not focused on the field of clinical psychology, to enable you as many job and career opportunities. Because for an independent psychotherapeutic activity also a longstanding psychotherapeutic training would be needed in addition to a bachelor's and master's degree program with a focus in the field of clinical psychology, as required by the Psychotherapy Act. A self-employed as a coach or trainer for various psychological areas (eg crisis and stress management, bullying counseling) is available with the degree in Applied Psychology open course.

Study contents

Compared to other, often theory-heavy psychology degree programs, the APOLLON bachelor's degree program is distinguished Applied Psychology (B. Sc.) By application-oriented and forward-looking electives from:

  • Occupational Health Management - Work and Health
  • Marketing and consumer psychology - Marketing and Health
  • Educational Psychology - Education and health
  • Gerontopsychologie - age and health
  • Sport Psychology and Health -Sports

In this study dovetailed quite aware of the three major topics of psychology, health and economics, which are becoming increasingly important for the economy and society and their interaction. In addition to the interdisciplinary content you are valuable social and methodological skills imparted, with a focus, inter alia on communication, counseling, conflict management and diagnostics are.

admission requirements

The requirements for admission to bachelor studies are regulated by the Higher Education Act Bremische (BremHG). Then you can study under certain conditions without high school qualifications.


at any time


They acquire the internationally recognized Bachelor of science- (B. Sc.). With this degree you are qualified excellent for middle management and leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

Duration of study

Control study 36 months or 48 months (180 credits).

test study

By registering at the APOLLON Hochschule You can test for 4 weeks studying for free. Within this period, you can login at any time revoke. then no costs arise for you.


The Bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology (B. Sc.) Is certified by the International Agency for quality assurance and accreditation of study programs and institutions (FIBAA).

Free extension

Up to 50% of the chosen study variant (18 or 24 months).

Last updated Mar 2020

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Seit ihrer Gründung im Herbst 2005 hat sich die staatlich anerkannte APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft auf Fernstudiengänge (Bachelor, Master und Zertifikatskurse) für das Gesundheitswesen ... Read More

Seit ihrer Gründung im Herbst 2005 hat sich die staatlich anerkannte APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft auf Fernstudiengänge (Bachelor, Master und Zertifikatskurse) für das Gesundheitswesen spezialisiert. Die mehrfach ausgezeichnete Hochschule mit Sitz in Bremen gehört zur leistungsstarken Klett Gruppe, zu der auch die Euro-FH gehört. Die junge Hochschule freut sich über zahlreiche Auszeichnungen wie z.B. "beliebteste Fernhochschule" und "Fernkurs des Jahres 2014"... Read less
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