BSc in Accounting and Finance


Program Description

A Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Finance and Accounting with the University of Zambia opens up a world of opportunities.

Not only will you graduate with extensive training in corporate accounting, but you will also come away with a sound understanding of critical financial instruments, key influential global institutions and markets, and the technology that drives the modern world of finance. 

In addition, you will learn the fundamentals of financial decision-making in the presence of uncertainty – an important skill, particularly in recent times, for a career in banking, financial advising, fund management, merchant banking, stockbroking, or even in the national treasury.

After graduating, you’ll walk away with an accredited degree and find yourself well-positioned to join the workforce with eligibility for membership to the guild of Chartered Professional Accountants.

Required Courses

Year 1

  • SEM1011 - Business Communication
  • SEM1021 - Introduction to Information Management & Technology
  • GSB1031 - Financial Accounting
  • SEM1041 - Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • SEM1042 - Fundamentals of Management Accounting
  • SEM1062 - Business Law
  • ECN1115 - Introduction to Microeconomics Theory

Year 2

  • SEM2010 - Organizational Behavior & Leadership
  • ECN1215 - Introduction to Macroeconomics Theory
  • SEM2021 - Corporate Governance & Business Ethics
  • SEM4011 - Research Methods
  • SEM3010 - Strategic Management
  • SEM4021 - Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development
  • BAF1112 - Fundamentals of Finance
  • BAF3010 - Financial Reporting

Year 3

  • BAF2112 - Financial Markets & Derivatives
  • BAF3110 - Corporate Finance
  • BAF3021 - Management Accounting
  • BAF3022 - Managerial Economics
  • BAF2011 - Principles of Taxation
  • BAF2211 - Company Law
  • BAF2022 - Taxation
  • BAF4010 - Audit & Assurance

Year 4

  • BAF4110 - Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
  • BAF4122 - International Business Finance
  • SEM4034 - Research Project


The BSc Accounting and Finance subjects cover integral topics for career-readiness such as: business law, micro and macro-economics, corporate governance, entrepreneurship & small business development, financial markets & derivatives, corporate finance, investment analysis & portfolio management, and international business finance. Through these topics and more, our graduates leave our University with the knowledge and skills that form an attractive employment prospect for corporations across the world.

Admission Requirements

  • Simply submit a copy of your transcripts with your application online:
    • Online application 
    • Scanned Copy of NRC or Passport 
    • A high school grade 12 certificate
    • 5 O’levels or International Equivalent
  • International Students Welcome:
    • International students must meet the same admissions requirements.
    • Visa not required.


This is a 4-year program designed to prepare students to immediately apply the skills, knowledge, and competencies.

Tuition and Fees

All BSc Programs

  Zambian Nationals International Students
Application Fee 150 ZMK 15 USD
Tuition Fee per Course 3,500 ZMK 350 USD
Technology Fee Included Included
Instructional Materials Included Included
E-Library Fee Included Included

Why We Pair a BSc Accountancy Degree with Finance?

It’s well known that the traditional role of accounting has a primary focus on daily management tasks. Financial reporting and recording of financial activity of businesses and corporations across the world. But it’s a field that risks becoming obsolete with the advent of artificial intelligence.

That’s why we pair our BSc Management Accounting degree fundamentals with the latest finance skills to ensure that our graduates present an expanded offering to their employers. Taking the information gained through traditional accounting practice, our BSc Finance and Accounting graduates will be able to critically analyze data to project future growth, analyze expenditures, and develop overarching strategies that drive a company’s finances. A marriage of professional principles and processes with financial strategy and control with the objective of policy and corporate influence.


What is BSc Accounting and Finance?

The BSc Accounting and Finance degree combines the BSc Accounting degree with an advantageous finance component that broadens the knowledge of graduates in areas beyond a traditional accounting degree. Topics such as: financial market fundamentals, areas of advanced business management, investment strategy and planning, and portfolio management for clients on a global scale.

What is a BSc in Accountancy?

A BSc in Accountancy is an undergraduate degree that teaches the fundamentals of financial business management, philosophy, history, and communication skills – all according to a globally-recognized education framework. At The University of Zambia, our program will prepare you for the final examination to be a fully certified practitioner of Accounting (CPA).

Last updated Nov 2020

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