BSc in Business Management


Program Description

A Bachelor of Science (BSc) Business Management from the University of Zambia will empower you with the ability to strategically challenge and innovate core operational functions of local businesses in line with global standards. 

With the increasing use of AI in the business management industry, we’ve adapted our BSc in management to equip our graduates with a strong ability to translate technical knowledge in a way that is applicable to the practices of a wide audience.

It’s a combination of deep inter-disciplinary knowledge that global businesses require; complemented by creative skills such as strategic thinking, ethical and socially responsible decision-making, change management, leadership through change, working with cross-cultural demographics, and more.

Required Courses

Year 1

  • SEM1011 - Business Communication
  • SEM1021 - Introduction to Information Management & Technology
  • GSB1031 - Financial Accounting
  • SEM1041 - Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • SEM1042 - Fundamentals of Management Accounting
  • SEM1062 - Business Law
  • ECN1115 - Introduction to Microeconomics Theory

Year 2

  • BSM1012 - Fundamentals of Marketing
  • SEM2010 - Organizational Behavior & Leadership
  • ECN1215 - Introduction to Macroeconomics Theory
  • SEM2021 - Corporate Governance & Business Ethics
  • SEM4011 - Research Methods
  • SEM3010 - Strategic Management
  • SEM4021 - Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development
  • BAF1112 - Fundamentals of Finance

Year 3

  • BSM2022 - E-Marketing
  • BBM3020 - Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • HRM1010 - Foundations of Human Resource Management
  • BBM3010 - Operations Management
  • BBM4011 - Sustainable Innovation Management
  • BAF4192 - International Business Environment
  • BAF2112 - Financial Markets & Derivatives
  • BAF3022 - Managerial Economics

Year 4

  • BBM4022 - International & Comparative Public Management
  • HRM4041 - Human Resource Management Systems
  • SEM4034 - Research Project


A BSc in Business Management is an undergraduate degree that is perfect for developing highly valued, transferable skills that are essential to work in a busy corporate environment. 

Our graduates are renowned for their ability to deal with complex issues, lead management teams, and make complex business decisions that are relevant to multiple organizational structures, making them a strong addition to the global workplace. 

In the first year of this degree at UNZA, you will lay the foundations of your learning of business acumen. Course topics include business accounting, commercial law, data analytics, microeconomics, statistics, and business technology. 

In years 2-4 of your degree, you will focus more on the technical, human, and social skills required for business management. Supply-chain management, sustainability in business, human resources, governance, ethics, and entrepreneurship all take center stage. 

With a BSc in Business Management, you will graduate from the University of Zambia ready for a career in the 21st-century business world, and beyond.

Admission Requirements

  • Simply submit a copy of your transcripts with your application online:
    • Online application 
    • Scanned Copy of NRC or Passport 
    • A high school grade 12 certificate
    • 5 O’levels or International Equivalent
  • International Students Welcome:
    • International students must meet the same admissions requirements
    • Visa not required


This is a 4-year program designed to prepare students to immediately apply the skills, knowledge, and competencies.

Tuition and Fees

All BSc Programs

  Zambian Nationals International Students
Application Fee 150 ZMK 15 USD
Tuition Fee per Course 3,500 ZMK 350 USD
Technology Fee Included Included
Instructional Materials Included Included
E-Library Fee Included Included

What Can You Do with a Business Management Degree?

A BSc Business Management degree from the University of Zambia opens up a world of opportunity for our graduates. Past students have found themselves in a professional position of planning sales strategies for video gaming enterprises, negotiating international trade deals,  designing and leading the launch of space travel start-ups, and cybersecurity roles.

Or, if entrepreneurship is more your style, our business management program will equip you with the skills needed to create your own business or to take on business and management roles within creative industries like fashion, media, or non-profit organizations.


What is a Bachelor of Science in Business Management?

The Bachelor of Science in Business Management is an undergraduate degree that focuses on developing fundamental business management skills most employers are looking for in a new hire. During their studies, our students learn how successful companies are organized, core principles that drive success, leadership fundamentals, and people management. At UNZA, you will study a range of topics including business law, marketing, economics, finance, and accounting.

Where Could a BSc in Management Take You?

The most common jobs for UNZA Business Management graduates include roles such as Manager / Business Management, Business Analyst, Business Management, Business Manager, Retail Manager, and may also lead to a career as a senior-level executive.

Last updated Nov 2020

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The University of Zambia has produced more than 100,000 graduates and contributed to research and technological development for local and international communities. It has more than 100 collaborative agreements with renowned universities worldwide. The motto of the University, Service and Excellence has guided the development of the University since its inception. Read less
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